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Explore our comprehensive student services at AIL Málaga, including details about the Erasmus+ program. From the globally recognized ISIC Card, offering exclusive discounts and perks worldwide, to our thorough medical insurance providing peace of mind during your stay – we’re here to support you. Your experience with us goes beyond learning; it’s about holistic care and maximizing your time with AIL Málaga.

International Student Card (ISIC Card)

  • Global Discounts: Embark on a journey of savings with our exclusive offers on travel, accommodation, dining, and entertainment across the globe.
  • Student Advantage: Utilize your ISIC Card as a globally recognized student identification card, granting you access to institutions and events worldwide.
  • Cultural Delights: Immerse yourself in the world’s cultural treasures with discounted or complimentary entry to museums, galleries, and cultural attractions.

Medical Insurance

  • Comprehensive Protection: Experience comprehensive medical coverage that encompasses doctor appointments, hospitalization, and emergency services, ensuring top-notch healthcare throughout your time here.
  • Visa and NIE Compliance: Our insurance adheres to Spanish consulate requirements and is essential for Visa applications or NIE renewals, offering peace of mind during your stay in Spain.
  • Global Assistance: Gain access to a network of healthcare professionals and facilities, providing support and care wherever you are in Spain.
  • Efficient Claims Handling: We prioritize efficiency, guaranteeing swift and hassle-free claims processing, allowing you to focus on your studies and adventures in Spain.

Erasmus+ Program Information

  • Enriched Learning Experiences: Become a part of a diverse and inclusive learning environment that nurtures cross-cultural understanding, language proficiency, and academic growth.
  • Financial Assistance: Access exclusive financial support opportunities, scholarships, and grants designed to alleviate the financial challenges of studying abroad, making your experience in Málaga more affordable.
  • Language Immersion: Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and language, enhancing your linguistic skills while gaining a profound understanding of the local way of life.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Embrace the vibrant tapestry of Spanish culture through immersive activities, events, and cultural exchanges. Forge enduring memories and global friendships during your time with us.

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