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I am Chris Haworth, the director and founder of Academia Internacional de Lenguas Málaga (AIL Málaga). I want to share some insights with you about our Spanish language school – its background, commitment to excellence, and the reasons behind AIL being a preferred choice for numerous students when it comes to learning Spanish.

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Our History

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2016 - Opening AIL Málaga

Following AIL Madrid's remarkable success and recognition, the time was ripe for a new chapter of expansion, this time venturing into other captivating Spanish cities. In 2016, a momentous stride was taken as we inaugurated a brand-new school in the enchanting city of Málaga, christened AIL Málaga.

Málaga was not chosen as our next destination by chance. Nestled along the sun-kissed Costa del Sol, this city boasts both tourist allure and significant cultural prominence within Spain.

The inception of our Málaga school opened doors to a fresh community of eager learners, granting them the opportunity to master Spanish in an engaging and efficacious manner. As was the case in Madrid, our foremost focus remained on securing adept, enthusiastic educators well-versed in imparting Spanish as a foreign language. We strategically situated our new establishment in the beating heart of Málaga – a central, accessible locale – ensuring students could seamlessly embed themselves in local life and optimize their sojourn. Our cutting-edge, welcoming space was thoughtfully outfitted with the latest technological advancements and educational aids, reinforcing our commitment to furnish students with the essential tools for their learning journey.

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2017 - Adhesion to Extenda

In 2017, AIL Málaga became a part of Extenda Andalucía TRADE, a transformative initiative by the Andalusian Government focused on enhancing economic potential through streamlined business interactions. This project consolidates support areas like business growth, innovation, knowledge exchange, internationalization, and investment attraction.

Andalucía TRADE operates from central headquarters in Seville's PCT Cartuja, with strategic locations in Madrid and Barcelona, along with a global network spanning 70 countries. The initiative centers around three key pillars: Business Development, Financing, and Internationalization.

With a team of over 300 specialists, Andalucía TRADE is committed to supporting businesses, from SMEs to large enterprises, startups, and investors. Our goal is to drive economic growth, job creation, and prosperity in Andalusia, fostering innovation, digital transformation, and global expansion. Explore our homepage for insights and upcoming digital enhancements as we continue to facilitate business development and internationalization.

AIL Málaga History
2020 - Official Examination Center for the SIELE Exam

In 2020, AIL Málaga achieved the status of an Official Examination Center for the SIELE (International Spanish Language Evaluation Service) Exam. SIELE is a globally acknowledged assessment that certifies the proficiency level of non-native Spanish speakers. As an Authorized Examination Center for SIELE, we are empowered to conduct and assess these exams at our premises. This empowers our students to attain an internationally recognized official certification, validating their Spanish language proficiency.

2021 - Accredited Center by the Cervantes Institute

Málaga secured accreditation in 2021. This achievement signifies that our institution meets the esteemed standards set by the Cervantes Institute, validating our commitment to academic excellence, proficient educators, modern teaching methodologies, and valuable resources for effective Spanish language learning.

2021 - Adhesion to FEDELE

AIL Málaga is delighted to share that we have received a special invitation to become a part of FEDELE, the Spanish Federation of Spanish Schools for Foreigners. This esteemed affiliation underscores our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch Spanish language education and exceptional services to global students. Joining this prestigious network allows us to contribute to the promotion of Spanish language and culture alongside fellow language schools. We're excited about this partnership and the opportunities it brings to enhance our commitment to excellence.

2021 - Adhesion to NACEM

NACEM is the Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners in Málaga, dedicated to education through diverse methods and experiences: academic, cultural, culinary, sports, and leisure activities.

NACEM aims to achieve maximum recognition and trust from its members, acting as an institution that represents their interests and collaborates in achieving their objectives. They can assist you in easily discovering the location, features, courses, and services offered by all their affiliated Spanish language schools. In 2021, AIL Málaga became a part of this association, further enhancing its offerings and connections within the Spanish language education community.

2021 - Adhesion to Español en Andalucía

EEA, the Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners in Andalusia, represents accredited Private Spanish Schools for Foreigners offering a diverse range of Spanish courses in the most attractive locations across Andalusia. EEA-affiliated schools are situated in the provinces of Seville, Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, and Cadiz, providing students the choice between the coast, historic cities, picturesque Andalusian towns, or even combining multiple options. In 2021, AIL Málaga became a part of this association, enhancing its offerings and connections within the vibrant landscape of Spanish language education in Andalusia.

AIL Málaga History
2022 - Official Examination Center for the CCSE Exam

In 2022, AIL Málaga had the distinct privilege of being designated as an Official Examination Center for the CCSE Exam. This achievement is of great importance as the CCSE Exam plays a vital role in the journey of individuals who aspire to obtain Spanish nationality. The CCSE Exam serves as a comprehensive assessment of one's understanding of the Spanish Constitution and the sociocultural intricacies of Spain. This official certification is a fundamental requirement for those seeking to become Spanish citizens.

Escuela ELE Socialmente Responsable
2022 - AIL Málaga obtains the Accreditation as a Socially Responsible School by FEDELE

AIL Málaga is delighted to announce its designation as a Socially Responsible School by FEDELE. This prestigious accreditation underscores our dedication to ethical standards, active community involvement, and sustainable environmental practices. Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to society while delivering exceptional Spanish language education to our diverse international student body.

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2023 - Opening of a new building in Málaga

The opening of our new school center at 16 Pacific Street represents an exciting step forward in our commitment to quality education in the city of Málaga.

This building, specially constructed to accommodate our facilities, provides a modern and welcoming environment for our students. With a total of 6 fully equipped classrooms, we are prepared to offer exceptional education that inspires and motivates our students.

This new school center not only expands our presence in Málaga but also reflects our ongoing commitment to educational excellence and the holistic development of every student... and it's a stone throw away from the La Misericordia Beach!

BLC Spain
BLC Spain: Innovation and Excellence in Education

As a prominent member of the AIL Español network, BLC Spain distinguishes itself by offering cutting-edge education focused on global business management and Spanish proficiency. Founded by experienced professionals in both the business and educational fields, our institution is steadfastly committed to educational excellence and cultural immersion.

Our program allows students to choose their destination in Spain after completing their first year in Madrid, facilitating a deep immersion in the various regional cultures of the country. Collaboration with the University of the Atlantic ensures world-class training recognized internationally.

Students have the opportunity to engage in real projects with companies, concluding their education with a fluent command of Spanish and excellent preparation to thrive in international professional environments. At BLC Spain, we prioritize personal development and provide an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Discover more about our educational program and join our community at BLC Spain.


Our Mission

At AIL Málaga, our dedication lies in offering top-tier education and an enriching journey into the world of Spanish language and culture. Our vision is to stand as a premier Spanish institute in Málaga, cultivating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere that nurtures individual advancement and linguistic proficiency. Our unwavering effort is directed towards guiding students to attain fluency in Spanish, along with a deep-rooted comprehension and admiration for Spanish culture. We take immense satisfaction in providing a dynamic and entirely customized methodology crafted to cater to the unique requirements of each student.

AIL Málaha History Mission Vision

Our Vision

Our vision at AIL Málaga is to establish ourselves as a global reference in the teaching of Spanish and the dissemination of Spanish culture. We are committed to innovation in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, offering personalized and high-quality programs that meet the diverse needs of our students.

We are dedicated to expanding our educational offerings, including specialized programs that capture the essence of the local culture and meet the educational expectations of different groups. We focus on increasing participation in our special courses, adapting our strategies to highlight the flexibility and unique benefits we offer.

We plan to overhaul our digital presence to enhance user experience, with a more intuitive and accessible interface that clearly reflects our variety of programs and services. This update will be accompanied by advanced analytical tools to ensure continuous optimization of our reach and effectiveness.

Additionally, we aim to strengthen and expand our local collaboration network, including host families and educational spaces, to ensure that each student receives a warm welcome and an enriching learning environment.

Our goal is to be a center of educational excellence that provides a stimulating and motivating environment, where students can develop their linguistic and cultural skills holistically. We aspire for our students to achieve authentic fluency in Spanish, opening doors to academic and professional opportunities in global contexts.

We strive to cultivate an inclusive and dynamic community, where collaborative learning and cultural exchange enrich each educational experience. We encourage constant interaction between students and experts, continuously improving the quality of education and the cultural environment.

In line with our vision, we are constantly aware of innovations in educational methodologies and technologies, ensuring that our students have access to the best resources available. Our goal is to lead in Spanish language teaching, continually driving innovation and advancement in all aspects of our operation.

In summary, AIL Málaga aspires to be at the forefront of Spanish language teaching and the celebration of Spanish culture, offering a top-tier educational experience and an inspiring environment for our students.

Spanish School in Málaga

Our Values

At AIL Málaga, we are deeply rooted in a set of core values that serve as the bedrock of our educational philosophy and the essence of our organization. These values steer our actions and inspire us to provide exceptional education and a rewarding journey for our students:

1. Academic Excellence: Our unwavering pursuit of academic excellence drives us to deliver top-tier educational programs that uphold the highest standards. We are dedicated to being a benchmark in Spanish language education and the promotion of Spanish culture.

2. Student Dedication: Each student is valued as an individual with unique aspirations. We are committed to creating a nurturing and personalized learning atmosphere, prioritizing their well-being and academic triumph while equipping them with the tools needed to achieve their ambitions.

3. Social Responsibility: We believe in the positive influence we can have on both society and the environment. As a socially responsible institution, we are devoted to implementing sustainable practices, contributing to our local community’s progress, and fostering meaningful connections.

4. Diversity and Inclusivity: We embrace and honor the diversity of our students, staff, and collaborators. We cultivate an inclusive space that celebrates differences in culture, ethnicity, gender, and thought. We firmly believe that diversity enriches our community, enabling collective learning and growth.

5. Innovation and Continuous Progress: Our commitment to innovation empowers us to remain at the forefront of Spanish language education by embracing evolving educational methods and technologies. We perpetually seek advancement in all aspects of our institution, ensuring our students receive a current and relevant educational encounter.

These values serve as our compass, guiding us in every endeavor and reflecting our dedication to being an educational institution distinguished by excellence, social responsibility, and an embrace of diversity.

Values AIL Málaga

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