Intensive Spanish Course in Málaga

Fast-track your Spanish skills with our intensive course in Malaga. Experience remarkable progress in a short time. Embrace the language and culture!

CLASSES PER WEEK: 20 group classes per week
CLASS SIZE: Average 6, max. 8
TIMETABLE: Mon - Fri 9:00h - 12:50h or 13:10h - 17:00h
START DATES: Every Monday. Complete beginners see start dates.
CLASS DURATION: 50 minutes
LEVELS: All levels, from A1 to C1
Intensive Spanish Course


from 150

per week


1 - 7 weeks: 170€ per week + 50€ enrollment fee
8 weeks: 150€ per week + 50€ enrollment fee
9+ weeks: 150€ per week + Free enrollment fee

If none of these options suit you or you would like to discuss the classes before booking, please get in touch with us: fill in the contact form or send us an email to

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About the Intensive Spanish Course in Málaga


Embark on an exciting and transformative Spanish learning experience with our intensive course in Málaga! Our highly tailored program offers complete language and cultural immersion, ensuring remarkable progress in a short period.

At our renowned Spanish school in Málaga, we take great pride in delivering a comprehensive intensive Spanish program designed to accelerate your language learning process. Our dynamic classes, led by highly qualified native teachers, provide the necessary tools and resources for a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

The intensive Spanish course in Málaga covers all essential aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening comprehension. Through interactive activities and a communicative approach, you will achieve fluency quickly and effectively.

One of the highlights of our program is the personalized attention provided to each student. With small group sizes, our dedicated teachers can address individual needs and offer tailored guidance and speaking practice, ensuring you progress at your own pace.

Beyond language acquisition, our program goes the extra mile to immerse you in the vibrant Spanish culture. Our extracurricular activities, guided tours, and social events allow you to experience the richness of Spanish traditions, history, and customs firsthand. This holistic approach guarantees that learning Spanish becomes an exciting and enriching journey, allowing you to embrace the language within its cultural context.

Experience rapid language progress with our intensive and structured approach. Our highly qualified native teachers bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the classroom, providing quality instruction and personalized support. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals efficiently and confidently communicate in real-life situations.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to master Spanish in record time! Join our intensive Spanish course in Málaga and embrace an enjoyable and effective language-learning adventure. Whether you are a student exploring new horizons or a professional looking to enhance your language skills, our program offers a transformative experience that opens doors to endless opportunities.

Take the first step towards language fluency and cultural immersion. Embrace this unforgettable journey and discover the beauty of Spanish in the picturesque city of Málaga. Check your eligibility for financing from the Erasmus+ program here, and let us guide you to language success in one of Spain’s most enchanting cities.


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