Observation of ELE classes in Málaga

Enhance your Spanish teaching skills through our Observation ELE classes. Gain valuable insights and effective methods to optimize your teaching practice!

COURSE DURATION: 10 or 20 hours
TIMETABLE: Monday to Friday.

10 class observations: 125€
20 class observations: 225€
10 class observations + 2 tutorials: 183€. Tutorial includes two hours of tutoring with one of the teachers who was observing.
20 class observations + 2 tutorials: 283€. Tutorial includes two hours of tutoring with one of the teachers who was observing.

To book or to discuss the classes before booking, please get in touch with us: fill in the contact form or send us an email to info@ailmalaga.com
Observation ELE classes AIL Málaga

from 125

10 or 20 classes

Observation of ELE classes in Malaga

Enhance your Spanish teaching skills through firsthand observation of face-to-face ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) classes in Malaga. At AIL Malaga, we offer an observation program that allows you to gain valuable experience and deepen your training as a Spanish teacher. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to observe experienced teachers in action, receive guidelines for an optimal observation experience, and engage in insightful discussions about teaching methodologies, student participation, time management, and other aspects of the class. This comprehensive observation program aims to equip teachers with effective tools for successful ELE class development, provide solutions to common challenges faced by Spanish teachers and students, and suggest efficient methods to enhance the teaching-learning process.

During the observation, you will be able to assess various aspects of the class, including class progress, content suitability, teaching methods used, and student participation. While observing, it is important to note that teachers cannot intervene directly in the class. However, if you choose the ‘observation of tutored classes’ option, you will have the opportunity to consult and share feedback with the teaching instructor during the two-hour class. This interactive element allows for deeper reflection and a more enriching observation experience.

These observation classes are suitable for teachers of Spanish at different educational levels, including primary, secondary, high schools, and universities. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or a non-native teacher with a B2/C1 level of Spanish proficiency, or even an inexperienced Spanish teacher looking to enhance your training through real classroom observation, our program offers valuable insights and practical experience to elevate your teaching expertise.

Join our observation program and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of ELE classes. Gain firsthand knowledge, observe effective teaching techniques, exchange ideas with experienced teachers, and improve your own teaching skills. This program provides a unique opportunity to enhance your professional development and become a more effective and confident Spanish teacher.

At AIL Malaga, we are dedicated to providing quality education and support for Spanish teachers. Through our observation program, we strive to create a collaborative learning environment that fosters growth and excellence in Spanish language instruction. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and make a lasting impact on your students’ language learning journey.

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