Internship Placement Program in Malaga

AIL Málaga specializes in Spanish courses & internship placement program. Elevate your resume with invaluable experience!

Course Duration: Flexible.
Timetable: 40 hours/week.
Levels: B1 required (Normally).
Price: Internship Placement Program: 800€

To book or to discuss the internship before booking, please get in touch with us: fill in the contact form or send us an email to
internship placement program AIL Málaga


About the Internship Placement Program in Malaga

AIL Malaga, with over a decade of experience, specializes in arranging Spanish courses and a comprehensive Internship Placement Program for candidates worldwide. Our intensive courses, accredited by the esteemed Cervantes Institute, ensure swift and efficient language skill enhancement, guided by our team of native teachers who are professionals in the national education system.

In addition to our language programs, we offer invaluable internships in international companies to elevate your resume to new heights. Collaborating with leading organizations, we provide a professional immersion experience with dedicated support from our AIL Malaga Internship Manager. Please note that these internships are unpaid.

Our Program Inclusions:

– Needs and skills analysis with internship tips.
– School presentation in Malaga.
– Language level assessment and placement in appropriate groups in Malaga.
– Educational support and step-by-step guidance for internships in Malaga.
– Assistance with CV preparation for internships in Malaga.
– Company search in Málaga based on your profile for internships.
– Job interview tips and techniques for internships in Malaga.
– Internship tutor throughout your placement in Malaga.
– Visa assistance if required for internships in Malaga.
– Accommodation advice in Malaga.
– Application process for the Spanish and Internship program in Malaga.

Application Process for Internships in Malaga:

1. Application examination: CV, experiences, and motivations for internships in Malaga.
2. Online Spanish test for initial level assessment in Malaga.
3. Detailed program information sent via email for internships in Malaga.
4. Interview with program manager in Malaga to clarify doubts and assess Spanish level.
5. Selection of desired sectors for the internship in Malaga.
6. Notification of successful application and scheduling of Spanish course and internship in Malaga.

Please note, you will not be accepted onto the program if:

1. You are under 17 or over 28
2. You do not have the language skills in Spanish or English required by the companies
3.. You do not have any particular interest in discovering Spain, its language, and its culture

Guarantee for Internships in Malaga:
– Pay course fee upon successful application for internships in Malaga.
– Receive acceptance letter and course/ internship organization in Malaga.
– If no internship is available in top three sector choices in Malaga, credit can be used for more Spanish lessons or refund requested for internships in Malaga.

Available Sectors for Internships in Malaga:
– Trade
– Non-profit organizations
– Fashion
– Consulting firms
– Law
– Holiday Camps
– Translation and interpretation
– Graphic design
– Accounting and Finance
– Business Audits
– Energy
– Art Galleries
– Architecture
– Marketing and Public Relations
– Event Organization
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Human resources
– Sales and Trade
– Administration
– Hotels
– Travel agencies
– Tourism

Contact us now for more information on the AIL Malaga Spanish and Internship Placement Program in Malaga. Experience the best internships in Malaga!

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Are the internships paid?
Do you need a high level of Spanish for an internship?
Will I get a refund or new internship if I don’t enjoy my choice?
Can I interview with multiple companies before choosing one?
Is it possible that the company I intern at will hire me full-time?