Host Family / Homestay

Immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish hospitality with our host families in Málaga. Enjoy your stay in a cozy and friendly environment, where you can practice your Spanish skills and fully experience the local culture. Our carefully selected host families offer a supportive atmosphere that enriches your language learning experience.

Four available options

Host Family Single Room Full Board

Host Family in Malaga - Single Room (Full Board)

Experience comfort and full immersion in local culture with a single room. Enjoy all your meals included in this full-board option, giving you the chance to have a complete and authentic experience with your host family in Malaga.

Price: 294€ / Week

Host Family in Madrid

Host Family in Malaga - Single Room (Half Board)

With a single room, this option allows you to enjoy half of your daily meals with the host family. Maintain flexibility to explore the city and try local cuisine while enjoying the hospitality and warmth of your accommodation in Malaga.

Price: 252€ / Week

Host Family Double Room Full Board

Host Family in Malaga - Double Room Full Board

Share a double room, ideal for traveling with friends or meeting other students. Choose the full-board option to personalize your experience. Enjoy comfort and social interaction in a family setting while exploring Malaga.

Price: 273€ / Week

Host Family Double Room Half Board

Host Family in Malaga - Double Room Half Board

Perfect for traveling with friends or connecting with other students, you can opt for the half-board option. Revel in comfort and social interactions within a family environment while immersing yourself in Malaga.

Price: 231€ / Week

Single & double rooms available

Discover the ideal accommodation for you with single and double room options available. 

Full board or half board

Half board (breakfast and dinner) Full board (all meals included)

Arrivals – Sunday

Arrivals are on Sunday. Possibility of extra nights upon request. Please check with our advisers.

Departure – Saturday

Saturday (extra nights can be added)



You will enjoy homemade and traditional food


Be part of a Spanish family


Comfort and Security: Living in a host family offers a safe and comfortable environment.


Emotional Support: Adjusting to a new environment can sometimes be challenging. Host families can provide emotional support, offering a sense of belonging and a support system during your stay.


The family will help you with any questions you might have about the city, monuments, public transport…

Services included


Use of the washing machine (generally once per week)


Use of the living room and television


Use of the kitchen (with the family’s permission)


Receiving calls


Wifi access


Bed sheets (you should bring your own towels)

The experience of our students and our families

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