Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, AIL Málaga has held a strong belief that the teaching of Spanish to international students should go beyond the classroom. Our goal was not only to impart linguistic knowledge but also to instill values and promote social responsibility among our students.

Through our doors, thousands of students from all over the world have passed, and we feel a deep responsibility to leave a positive mark on their lives. We believe that we should set an example of social activism by committing to causes that transcend borders.

Over the years, we have observed how recycling culture, environmental care, and ocean protection have become increasingly ingrained in society. Likewise, the concept of social equality and diversity has emerged strongly. In our school, we have incorporated these values into our daily routine, fully engaging our students in small challenges that reflect these principles.

How did we become a socially responsible school?

AIL Málaga has always maintained a clear vision and mission. As a Spanish school, we aspire for our students not only to learn the language and Spanish culture but also to become active members of our community and feel a strong sense of belonging to our great #FamiliaAIL. Our open-door policy welcomes any student, regardless of their background, religion, or skin color.

A few years ago, the importance of global generosity and solidarity became evident with the global pandemic. Now, with the unfortunate events in Ukraine, we have witnessed how the global community has come together to support the Ukrainian people in extraordinary ways. As a school, we have always wanted to contribute to meaningful social actions, and this situation motivated us to redouble our efforts.

FEDELE, aware of the significance of fraternity among nations in addressing social issues, has created the “Socially Responsible Spanish School” seal. This initiative promotes ethical commitment and compliance with standards of quality, environmental ethics, equality, and universal accessibility.

We are proud to announce that AIL Málaga obtained this certification in June 2022. Since then, we have not ceased in our search for proposals and actions aimed at making a difference for both our students and the environment.

Projects we have worked on (since March 2022)

  • We offered free Spanish classes for Ukrainian refugees: Our most important commitment to our students is to help them navigate their daily lives in the city and overcome language barriers they may encounter in a foreign country.

  • Collaboration with the NGO Accem, which works daily with migrants and those at risk of social exclusion. We partnered with them for a period of two months, providing a beginner-level Spanish course for migrants to help them overcome language barriers they may encounter in their daily lives in the city.


  • Recycling routines in all our schools: We are dedicated to promoting responsible recycling within our facilities. We have implemented waste sorting systems to separate organic waste from paper, glass, and other non-recyclable materials.


  • Reducing plastic consumption with renewable markers: With this initiative, we have significantly reduced plastic consumption by acquiring a more durable alternative that consumes fewer resources.
  • Participation in the Erasmus Plus program in Málaga: Through this program, we make it possible for anyone enrolled in an educational institution to study at our school thanks to the grants offered by this program. These projects reflect our strong commitment to social responsibility and our desire to make a positive difference in our local communities and the world at large. Of course, this is just the beginning, as we have many more initiatives in mind that we plan to implement in the near future.

We will keep you informed!

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