Long-Term Spanish Course in Málaga

Master Spanish in Málaga, embrace its vibrant culture, and open doors to new opportunities. Join our long-term Spanish Course now!

CLASSES PER WEEK: 20 group classes per week.
CLASS SIZE: Average 6, max. 8.
COURSE DURATION: 1-52 weeks.
TIMETABLE: Monday- Friday 9:00h-12:50h or 13:10h-17:00h.
START DATES: Every Monday.
CLASS DURATION: 50 minutes.
LEVELS: All levels, from A1 to C1.
Long Term Spanish Course AIL Málaga


per week


8 weeks: 150€ per week + 50€ enrollment fee
9+ weeks: 150€: per week + No enrollment fee

If none of these options suit you or you would like to discuss the classes before booking, please get in touch with us: fill in the contact form or send us an email to info@ailmalaga.com
About the Long-Term Spanish Course


At our esteemed institution, we recognize the significance of consistency and dedication in achieving successful language acquisition. Our long-term Spanish course offers extended study periods, enabling you to build a solid foundation and attain higher proficiency levels. With 20 dynamic classes each week, you’ll receive comprehensive instruction from experienced teachers who are dedicated to your success.

One distinctive advantage of our program is the immersive experience it provides. Spending an extended time in Málaga allows you to fully immerse yourself in the language, customs, and traditions. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to be interactive and engaging, ensuring you not only learn Spanish but also develop practical communication skills. Through lively discussions, role-plays, and real-life scenarios, your confidence and fluency will grow rapidly.

Beyond the classroom, you’ll have the chance to explore the wonders of Málaga. Through our local partner we offer a wide array of thrilling extracurricular activities to immerse you in the vibrant Spanish coast. From guided tours of iconic landmarks to cultural events and immersive experiences, you’ll become fully immersed in the local culture, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories.

Upon completion of our long-term Spanish course, you’ll have not only mastered the language but also developed a profound appreciation for Málaga’s rich heritage. Your newfound fluency will open doors to numerous opportunities, whether pursuing higher education, advancing your career, or engaging in meaningful conversations with locals.

Seize this opportunity to learn Spanish in Málaga, immerse yourself in its vibrant energy, and embark on a transformative language learning journey. Join our long-term course and discover the beauty and charm of Málaga while mastering the Spanish language.


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