CCSE Exam Preparation Course in Málaga

Get ready for the CCSE exam with our specialized CCSE Exam Preparation Course. Expert instructors. Register now at Instituto Cervantes.

CLASSES PER WEEK: As much as you want. We recommend blocks of classes of two hours.
CLASS SIZE: Individual or mini group of 2 or 3 students.
TIMETABLE: Classes can take place whenever during the week, including weekends, between 08:30h and 22:00h Monday to Thursday, until 21:00h on Fridays. Subject to availability
CLASS DURATION: 50 minutes.
LEVELS: Students that do the CCSE Exam need to have a minimum level of A2 Spanish.
CCSE Exam Preparation AIL Málaga

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1 to 9 classes: 32€ per class
10 + classes: 29€ per class
Private group - 2 people
1 to 9 classes: 37€ per class (18.50€ per student)
10 + classes: 34€ per class (17€ per student)
Private group - 3 people
1 to 9 classes: 42€ per class (21€ per student)
10 + classes: 39€ per class (19.50€ per student)

Private group options only available for people who have a similar level of spanish.

If none of these options suit you or you would like to discuss the classes before booking, please get in touch with us: fill in the contact form or send us an email to
Downpayment of 200
About the AIL Málaga’s CCSE Exam Preparation Course


The CCSE Exam, officially known as the Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge Test of Spain, is meticulously crafted by the esteemed Cervantes Institute to evaluate individuals’ comprehension of the Spanish Constitution and the societal and cultural nuances of Spain. This all-encompassing examination encompasses a variety of tasks aimed at gauging your expertise in these areas. For individuals residing in Spain who aspire to attain Spanish nationality, successfully passing the CCSE test is a mandatory requirement. To optimize your chances of success on this crucial exam, we proudly offer a specialized CCSE Exam Preparation Course.

Our CCSE Exam Preparation Course is meticulously tailored to suit your individual requirements. These sessions are conducted privately, ensuring personalized guidance from our experienced tutors. You have the flexibility to select the number of classes you prefer and arrange them at your convenience. Our classes are intricately designed to focus exclusively on preparing you for the CCSE exam, encompassing a wide array of topics and equipping you with effective strategies for success.

The expertise of our Spanish instructors is unmatched. They possess a profound understanding of the CCSE exam structure, methodologies, and the diverse question types commonly encountered. Their extensive knowledge translates into invaluable advice and techniques to enhance your performance during the exam.

For CCSE test registration, please visit the Instituto Cervantes website. There, you’ll find comprehensive details about the exam, including registration procedures, exam dates, and available testing centers. The website serves as an essential resource to guide you through the entire process and address any inquiries you may have.

Prepare efficiently for the CCSE exam to boost your chances of obtaining Spanish nationality. Our preparation classes, in conjunction with Instituto Cervantes‘ resources, will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge for success. Seize this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Spanish Constitution and society as you strive towards acquiring Spanish nationality.

Make the most of our CCSE exam preparation classes and the dedicated assistance of our specialized instructors. Embark on your path to success today and embrace the countless opportunities that come with seamlessly integrating into the Spanish community.



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