Welcome to AIL Malaga!


Rafael, the director of our Spanish school!

My name is Rafael Jimenez and I’m the director and co-founder of AIL Malaga – Spanish Language School. Before embarking on your trip, I’d like to tell you a little about our history, our quality standards and why so many students choose to study Spanish with us.

The origins of the school

These go back to 2002. After many years of taking English classes in Spain, I was frustrated by my lack of progress and fluency so I asked my parents if they would pay for an intensive English immersion summer course in an English speaking country. Keen to see the back of me and understanding the value it would have for my future career, they agreed.

Shortly after… bags packed, “Dublin, Ireland I come”.

I certainly got the travel bug so when I finished my university studies, I went on an adventure to Belgium for work, and later on to England. By 2010 it was time for me to come back to my beloved Spain, but I was not ready to leave behind the experience of meeting young and enthusiastic global citizens wishing to explore and acquire new knowledge and experiences. I remembered all I had learned from my cultural and language immersion back in Dublin and the endless fun so decided to contact the top Spanish language schools. After about half a dozen interviews, AIL Madrid was one that really differentiated itself from the rest in terms of its intimate family approach, student focus and the pure energy rush that I experienced when I entered. I joined the Student Care Team and formed an instant connection with the school founder, Chris Haworth, and over the coming years I became his trusted right hand man, involved in every aspect of the school’s management and acting deputy in his absence.

We saw eye to eye on virtually everything with the notable exception of football – his passion for Atlético de Madrid and my lifelong love affair with Real Madrid resulted in some lively discussions whilst enjoying an after work caña.

On one of those after work caña nights in early 2014, I told Chris that we should open AIL Malaga – but this time as business partners. He looked at me for all of about two seconds and then asked how long I would need before I could move down there. And AIL Malaga was born!

So why Malaga?

Chris loves the city’s vibrant cosmopolitan beat and appreciated its rich and varied offering to the international visitor. Not a month goes by without him coming to visit for a long weekend down here with his friends and family.

From my perspective, Malaga is my university city, and from the first day I stepped inside the Costa del Sol capital, I had that little tingle and I knew that this city would play an important part in my life.

Malaga to me is perfect: the weather, the beach, the sunsets, the nightlife, the modern centre, the monuments that enrich every corner of the city, not to mention the malagueños are undoubtedly the most friendly and warmest people in Spain.

High quality courses, what is the secret?

AIL Malaga school

Our Spanish Language School Name

Our “AIL” teachers are enthusiastic dedicated professionals, who genuinely love teaching Spanish. All of them have been Spanish language ambassadors, having lived abroad teaching and sharing the language of Miguel de Cervantes. Our teachers are experts in engaging the student with the language, teaching them how to use it from the first day of classes. Each class is planned and prepared with care including innovative, interactive and dynamic activities that will allow you to speak Spanish from day one!

Why do students choose us?

Many reasons. If I had to highlight just one of our strengths, I would choose the dedicated attention the students receive from our young and international team. From the first point of contact until the last day of your course, we want to know as much as possible about you so your Spanish courses can be adapted to your needs and interests. And we hope that once you have finished your course, you will keep in touch with us to tell how you’re doing with your Spanish!

The whole team works very hard to ensure you enjoy the best Spanish course in Andalusia and have an unforgettable experience. Join the AIL Malaga community!

Rafael Jiménez
Director of AIL Malaga – Spanish Language School