• This is not a standard online course. We will be connected real person to real person, so this course is not based on videos recorded and exercises to complete on your own. Our goal is to reach together the maximum level of communication during the class.

  • You will feel exactly the same as in a face-to-face classroom. Our Virtual classroom will have classmates, and our teacher in live, we learn new things, we will talk to each other, we will practice all the language skills and we will do exercises with shared documents.

  • Faster feedback from your teacher. Our teachers will received your homework directed via the virtual classroom, with your teacher giving fast feedback.

  • Time and money saving. You won’t have to travel, rent an apartment or get the metro, just turn on your computer or tablet and get ready to learn with your teacher and classmates.

  • Improved digital skills. As well as learning Spanish, you´ll quickly learn how to use an online platform and you become a more confident user of interactive online tools.

Semi intensive Spanish course in Malaga
curso nocturno online de nivel B2