Teaching Method

AIL Malaga is a dynamic and fun school, so this is the style of teaching we use for our Spanish courses. During the Spanish classes, our teachers use interactive exercises where the students are encouraged to speak Spanish using the grammar and vocabulary learnt during the lessons. Our main goal is that each student practices the knowledge that they have acquired so that they can use it in their social and/or professional day-to-day lives.

Our teaching methods are based on the use of modern and innovative teaching techniques and strategies. These new techniques allows us to personalise the course contents according to the needs and interests of our Spanish students. In addition, the close overseeing and friendly approach of our teachers is designed to help the learning process, and renders the student’s improvement even more noticeable.

Class structure

Student’s evaluation:

On the first day of each Spanish course, each student is assessed with our comprehensive Spanish level test which allow us to identify the student’s Spanish level. Based on the level test, we will assign you to an appropiate group in order to introduce you to contents appropriate for your previous experience and knowledge.

If the event arises that a student wishes to change to a higher level group, this might be possible if the director of studies and your teacher believe it would be beneficial to you. Any changes are always made on Mondays to maintain structure.

Teaching materials:

Teaching materials at AIL Malaga include a grammar book, used as a course guide, a conversation book, and many other additional materials that help us in personalising the learning process according to our students needs and interests.

All our teaching materials contents follow the Instituto Cervantes criteria as well as the guidelines set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.