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Study Spanish and Cooking in Malaga

The Study Spanish and Cooking is the ideal course for those students who want to learn Spanish and enjoy themselves cooking. This course includes our 20 group intensive Spanish classes + 3 fun Spanish cooking classes per week in which you will learn from scratch about our diverse local ingredients and delicious traditional dishes: Spanish omelette, huevos a la flamenca, the importance of olive oil in the Spanish culture,  “gazpacho” and the “paella” of course!  

In addition to your Spanish and cooking courses, you will be able to enrol to the activities proposed by the school thanks to which you will discover Malaga, improve your Spanish and meet lots of people. The program of these activities is the ideal complement to a Spanish course. It plunges you into the unique experience of the basis of the Spanish culture: the language, the cooking and the Spanish lifestyle.

Strong points of this course

  • Spanish teaching experts

  • Classes are designed for both beginners and experienced students

  • Best price guarantee

  • Put everything learnt into practice

  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere

  • Improve your level of Spanish in reduced groups while taking time to enjoy cooking

  • Learn about the Spanish culture thanks to the weekly activities organized by the school

Spanish and Cooking course summary

Minimum age

18 years old
From 18 years old

Available levels

Available Spanish levels from A1-C2, from beginners to advanced students

Course length

1-2 weeks

From 1 to 2 weeks

Classes per week

20 Spanish classes + 3 private Cooking classes

20 Spanish classes (45 minutes per Spanish class) + 3 private Cooking classes (2 hours per cooking class)

Daily structure

4 Spanish classes + private Cooking classes

4 Spanish classes + Cooking class (3 private cooking classes per week)

Size group

average of 4, maximum of 8
Average of 4, maximum of 8 students per group

Start date

Every Monday
Every Monday, A1 levels courses start the first Monday of the month

Special features

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The Study Spanish and Cooking will help you improve your Spanish and learn to cook the main dishes of the Spanish gastronomy at the same time.

I want to study this course

Study Spanish and Cooking | Objectives

The Study Spanish and Cooking has been designed for you to learn to speak Spanish in every day situations. Moreover whilst you learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar you will also practice your speaking skills. Together with improving your Spanish level the course will teach you to cook authentic Spanish cuisine for you to enjoy after returning home.

Our teaching method, tailor made for you, will help you develop your communicative skills through a balanced program of speaking practice and useful and fun vocabulary and speaking exercises for you to become a confident and fluent Spanish speaker.

Spanish and cooking course

This course is for you if…

  • You wish to learn Spanish at a fast pace (20 classes a week) in a small group environment
  • You would like your experience in Spain to be one which is both cultural and academic and are interested in cooking and food culture

  • You would like flexibility with your start date and course length
  • You are 18 or over, with any level in Spanish, and a foodie!

Teacher’s opinion:

“Get your pans at the ready because with this course you will learn a “well done” Spanish and high cuisine. The menu includes: fun classes as starters, cooking classes as the main meal and activities as dessert. ¡Buen provecho!”

Price of study Spanish + Cooking

1 week


2 weeks


Price excludes enrolment fee (50€)

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