Studying for a university degree is, without a doubt, a very sensible option if you want to focus on a specific area of study. No matter what degree, from sciences to humanities or arts, all courses offer some level of freedom in how you obtain the credits to complete your undergraduate studies.

If you’re looking to review material outside of your university syllabus, these university credits can be a great alternative option. After all, university opens the door to unlimited knowledge. With this credit course, any student can complement their existing undergraduate studies with the added benefit of diving deeper into specific areas of learning and enhancing personal development and training.

At AIL Málaga, we are well aware of how important languages can be in making your professional profile stand out and opening the door to more career opportunities in the job market. That´s why, in addition to offering courses where you learn Spanish, you have the great chance to earn some of the necessary credits to complete your university degree.

Without a doubt, this opportunity provides a multitude of benefits to your career. Not only will you be able to obtain the necessary credits to graduate from your university, but you´ll also be living a very unique experience. Our spectacular school is located in the best and most prominent part of Málaga vibrant city center. Here, you´ll be able to take your Spanish to the next level while taking key steps to finishing your university´s degree requirements.

Securing your university degree and improving your Spanish is at your fingertips! Elevating your Spanish alongside your path to graduation is now possible with AIL Málaga and the university credit course.

All levels from A1 to C1Intensive3



2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

450€ +50€ enrollment fee

900€ + 50€ enrollment fee

1.350€ + 50€ enrollment fee

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