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Transportation Vocabulary

//Transportation Vocabulary

Transportation Vocabulary

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Traveling has become an essential part of life today, especially in this modern age of globalization. The world feels much smaller, as it’s much more connected. Therefore, as a result, globalization has spurred on our thirst for adventure as a species, and this has all of us wanting to see everything we can – whenever we can. However, for us to indulge this hunger for travel, we need to get on some form of transportation to get to our destination, whether it is on land, air or sea. Transport consists of many forms; from taking a flight, or just taking the bus to go downtown. The use of transport has become such an integrated part of our lives, as we have grown dependent on it ever since man started to move into urban areas. In this following article, we will be looking at different vocabulary that is associated with the different modes of transport we have, either for a daily commute or travelling to an exotic destination.

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