Spanish Fun Activities in Malaga

Learn Spanish is not only studying in front of a Spanish book, you also have to feel the city, talk to Spanish people and get to know the culture and beautiful hidden places. Doing guided tours and fun activities with your class mates you will practice Spanish and you will fall in love with the city.

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Malaga Muslim Heritage Tour:

Malaga is a city with lots of history and monuments to see. Take a step back in time and visit the most amazing places in our Mediterranean capital on this guided tour. During the tour, we will enter in the Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre and the house where Picasso was born. In addition we also will visit the Cathedral area and the historic centre.

Price: 10€ (tickets and public transport included).

Paella party:

Probably one of the favourite activities among our students, you will learn new vocabulary while you cook an authentic Spanish paella! Chopping the vegetables, cooking the “sofrito” and using the “paellera” are just a few of the tasks you’ll master in order to produce this Spanish classic. Then tuck in!

Price: 12€ (drinks, bread and dessert included).

Beach Volleyball in Málaga:

During the summer, AIL Málaga organises volleyball matches with the students on the nearby beach. It is a very popular activity  in which everyone has a good time. We can also organise other types of beach sports activities for groups, such as surfing or beach football matches.

Salsa classes:

For those keen to get to know this Latin dance, AIL Málaga can organise salsa classes on our patio. This activity is a lot of fun and combines learning an iconic dance with some fun dancing vocabulary – and having fun with the rest of students!

Price: 7€

Language exchange:

AIL Málaga organizes language exchanges with local Spanish high schools, where our international students meet the Spanish students for fun activities and conversations. The main purpose of this activity is to get the students to bond, make friends and practise their Spanish.

Price: 10€

Flamenco classes:

Flamenco is perhaps the most internationally known Spanish dance. A passionate style full of rhythm, it is always a hit with students. We can also offer ‘Sevillanas’; a very fun couples dance from Sevilla and typical of the famous Andalusian ‘ferías’ or fairs.

Price: 7€

Spanish Tapas tour:

Do you like tapas? Join our guided tour and you will discover the best tapas in Malaga. During the tour you will get to know the history behind this delicious dish. Visit authentic Andalusian bars and get a taste for the best tapas Malaga can offer.

Price: 15€

Cultural scavenger hunt:

Get outdoors, learn more Spanish and have some fun! With our cultural scavenger hunt, you will have to talk to real ‘malagueños’ (people of Malaga) in order to complete the assigned tasks and take the requested photographs. A lot of fun, every time!

Price: 5€

Chocolate with churros:

There are few things more Spanish than enjoying a cup of rich, hot chocolate with freshly cooked churros in one of the iconic bars in Málaga’s historic centre. It is a perfect break from exploring all that the city has to offer, with a little taste of Spanish culture. Very popular with our school groups!

Visit to the Picasso Foundation:

We will visit the Picasso museum in Málaga, an art gallery where there are over 233 collection art pieces and 43 loaned art pieces, all from Malaga’s own Pablo Picasso plus some related temporary exhibitions. During this visit you will discover the different painting styles that Picasso mastered on a special guided tour. Dive into the work and life of the greatest artist of the 20th century.

Museum Carmen Thyssen:

This important museum is home to 230 artworks. The impressive collection embodies the most beautiful Andalusian cities of Cordoba, Sevilla and Malaga. The Museum Carmen Thyssen is home to famous artists such as Zurbaran, Sorolla, Zuloaga and Romero de Torres. Transport yourself to beautiful Andalusian landscapes in the heart of Malaga!

Excursions throughout Andalucía

Excursion to Granada:

Just a short hour and a half away from Malaga we can find the beautiful and historical city of Granada. Surrounded by nature unique to this city, Granada is a key place in Spain’s history. Its gypsy and Arab heritage, mountainous backdrop and superb Moorish palace – the Alhambra – make it really one not to miss. Students will love a magical day here!

granada excursion
excursion to cordoba

Excursion to Cordoba:

180km away from Málaga is the magical city of Cordoba, home to the Guadalquivir river and the legendary Cathedral-Mosque. Cordoba is a city full of history, where there used to be three conflicted cultures living in perfect harmony; the Christians, the Jews and the Arabs. Each corner of the city has a legend, it’s a trip your students can’t miss.

Excursion to Sevilla:

Being the capital of Andalusia and the biggest city in the South, this ancient city (founded by Hercules, according to legend) has numerous monuments from the Roman and Moorish eras. It is also the departure point for Christopher Columbus’ famous voyage in which he discovered the Americas. You cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Giralda – the golden tower – and take a walk around the  iconic Triana neighbourhood.

sevilla excursion from malaga
ronda excursion

Excursion to Ronda and other ‘pueblos blancos’:

The province of Málaga is full of villages where all the houses are white; known as the ‘pueblos blancos’ (white villages). These are an integral part of what gives Malaga its Mediterranean feel and certainly worthwhile visiting in person. These villages are truly beautiful, and where time seems to stand still. Perhaps the most famous is Ronda, located on a sheer cliff drop looking out to the rolling countryside. Do not miss!

Gibraltar excursion:

Located in the province of Cádiz at the very tip of Europe, Gibraltar is most well-known for being a spot of British territory on the Iberian peninsula! It is a rich and varied town with beautiful views of the African coast, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

This unique British city is well worth a visit: the city center, the London-style red phone cabins and the San Miguel caves make Gibraltar a very special place. The Rock (as it is known) is also famous because you can also find friendly monkeys that are more than happy to interact with visitors.

gibraltar excursion

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