Hello, my name is Dora and I am the coordinator of school groups at AIL Español. After 7 years of managing school trips, I can confirm that I am an expert in this field. The truth is that I love my job and I really enjoy guiding the teachers who accompany the students on their exciting Spanish adventure.

It is normal that teachers and students are excited about this adventure because we are talking about one of the most exciting programmes in our catalogue: Spanish Educational Study Tours.

Spanish is one of the languages most in demand in positions of responsibility. The number of speakers is on the rise and the best time to learn a language is definitely during childhood or adolescence. For this reason, many parents, with their children’s future career in mind, agree to their children travelling to Spain in a school group so that they can live a language immersion experience in a Spanish city.

At AIL Español we have schools in two beautiful locations in Spain: Malaga and Madrid. The capital of Spain offers many leisure and cultural options, but I must confess that Malaga is my favourite city and I think it is an ideal city to travel to with school groups.

One of the most positive points for choosing to study Spanish in Malaga is that it is a coastal city. Students have a great time enjoying the sun and the beach. In addition, at the school we prepare super fun activities for them after class where they can learn Spanish while making friends from other countries and getting to know other cultures

Here are some of the proposals that our students enjoy the most:

  • Visit the centre of Malaga and the Alcazaba: the city centre has a lot of history. It has monuments from various cultures and the most remarkable one is the Alcazaba. Students enjoy its beautiful gardens and always take many pictures inside.
  • Visit Gibralfaro: from Gibralfaro you can see one of the most beautiful views of the whole city. Without a doubt, our youngest students will love this activity.
  • Cycling by the sea: in this activity, the students can enjoy the sun and the sea breeze while feeling the speed of the bike in the beautiful city of Andalusia. They love this activity!
  • Dance classes: this is a super fun activity where our students will move to the rhythm of flamenco or salsa, whichever one they like best!
  • Gymkhana on the beach: for more than an hour and a half, our students will live an exciting adventure: a treasure hunt. To do so, they will have to search for clues on the beach and solve riddles to win the crown of victory.

Como veis, además de asistir al curso de español en Málaga totalmente personaliza para grupos escolares, vuestros estudiantes disfrutarán del resto de día de muchísimas actividades divertidas para que sigan afianzando sus conocimientos de español y sobretodo puedan vivir una experiencia muy emocionante y motivadora para que recuerden su estancia en España con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja.

The fun doesn’t stop here. As well as attending the Spanish course in Malaga, your students will enjoy the rest of the day with lots of fun extracurricular activities so that they can continue to improve their Spanish language skills and have the time of their lives.

¡Hasta la próxima!