Spanish course for mature students 50+

The Spanish course for mature students 50+ in Malaga has been specially designed for mature students who wish to add something to their holiday in Costa del Sol: to learn Spanish and do outdoor activities with people who share the same interests.

With our cultural and social activities programme, you will discover Malaga in a more interesting and relaxed way: guided tours through the historic city centre, visits to museums, flamenco classes and so much more!

These are your best years and we know just how to make your holidays in Malaga unforgettable!

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Advantages of this course

  • Unbeatable price.

  • Excellent location.

  • Reduced group classes and personalised attention.

  • High quality teaching methods.

  • A warm and fun casual setting.

  • Selected social and cultural activities for a full immersion into the Andalusian culture.

Spanish course for mature students summary

Minimum age

50 years old
For students from 50 years old

Available levels

For beginner students

Course length

1 or 2 weeks

1-2 weeks

Classes per week

20 classes

20 classes (45 minutes per class) + 5 cultural activities per week in the afternoon

Daily structure

4 Spanish classes + 1 cultural activity

Daily structure of 4 Spanish class sessions and 1 cultural activity in the afternoon

Group size

average of 4 students
Average of 4, maximum of 8 students per group

Starting dates 2019/20

7th of October, 7th&13th of January, 6th&13th of April, 6th&13th of July, 7th&14th of September

Special features

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The Spanish course for mature students will help you improve your Spanish and will allow you to go on cultural trips with very pleasant people who share your interests and are your age. Dive right into the Spanish culture!

Cultural activities:

Our range of cultural and social activities, which usually take place in the afternoon, will enable to you continue your Spanish progression in a relaxed and informal setting, while enjoying your holiday in Malaga at an enjoyable pace. Examples of the weekly activities on offer are:

Week 1

  • Monday- Welcome to Malaga workshop and guided tour through the Historic Centre.

  • Tuesday– Visit to the CAC Museum

  • Wednesday – Flamenco show

  • Thursday – Tapas and drinks tasting

  • Friday – Visit to the Alcazaba

Week 2

  • Monday – Malaga center walking tour

  • Tuesday – Museum Pompidou

  • Wednesday – Visit to Gibralfaro

  • Thursday – Language swap to practice Spanish

  • Friday – Tapas and rooftops. Enjoy an outstanding view of Malaga from the top!

*Also, if you wish to visit any of the great cities close to Malaga during the weekend (Granada, Ronda, Sevilla, Nerja, Frigiliana, Gibraltar and more) on your own, we will make the arrangements. Our Student Care team is here to help.

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Spanish course for mature students | Objectives

This course is ideal for more mature students who wish to learn Spanish at a relaxed pace, and for those who want to have spare time in Malaga to visit museums, go to the theatre, get to know Spanish history and culture and meet like-minded people. The course has the objective to improve your writing and communication in Spanish, through fun speaking exercises, role plays and useful day-to-day vocabulary.

Our teaching methods are adapted for mature students, and will help you learn Spanish and build your confidence communicating in every type of situation during your stay in Malaga, or anywhere else in Spain.

This course is for you if…

  • You wish to learn Spanish at your own relaxed pace (20 classes a week in total), with like-minded people

  • You would like to learn in a small group environment and benefit from personalised attention from your teacher

  • You would like your learning experience to include leisure – social and cultural activities

  • You are aged 50+, with any level in Spanish

Teacher’s opinion:

“You are enjoying the best years of your life and learning a new language is a new, enriching experience which rejuvenates the spirit. Get ready to go back to studying and absorbing knowledge just like when you were 20 years old!”

Price of the Spanish course for mature students 50+

1 week


2 weeks


18€ enrolment fee

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