Shopping and clothes – Vocabulary

///Shopping and clothes – Vocabulary

Shopping and clothes – Vocabulary

Men’s clothing

Women’s fashion changes quite often, but for men’s fashion, the style remains quite still, persistent and classy. The fashion of men’s wear stays almost the same for a few years, changing only in tiny little things that are rarely noticeable. Today it is harder to talk about how properly men should dress. Suits are worn less often than in the past and a majority of young men would rather wear more casual clothes.

Abrigo –> coat
Bañador –> swimsuit
Calcetines –> socks
Calzoncillos –> underpants
Camisa –> shirt
Chaqueta –> jacket
Jeans –> jeans
Pantalones –> trousers
Pijama –> pajama
Traje –> suit
Vaqueros –> jeans

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