Shopping and clothes – Vocabulary

//Shopping and clothes – Vocabulary

Shopping and clothes – Vocabulary

Shopping is one of the favourite activities of many women. Of course, we don’t mean purchasing necessities like food or health cosmetics but clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories of which we can never have enough. Shopping as an activity itself is a way of relaxing, calming down or a kind of hobby for some people. It is not just all about the clothes which are very pleasant to purchase or collect, it is also about the feeling of joy and excitement when getting them. 

Clothing is really a part of everyone’s first impression and it has become a necessity which complements the whole look of our physical appearance. Taste in clothing is subject to constant changes and, like all the social phenomena, it is persistently evolving with time. Nowadays, people try to keep up with fashion, always combining beauty trends with personal experiments.

Due to the fact that clothing and shopping have become very popular all around the world we have decided to present you with useful vocabulary related to that! 😊

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