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Public holidays in Málaga

AIL Málaga will be closed on the following days due to Spanish public holidays:


  • 1st November (Thursday): All Saint’s Day

  • 6th December (Thursday): Constitution’s Day

  • 25th December (Tuesday): Christmas Day


  • 1st January (Tuesday): New Year’s Holiday

  • 7th January (Monday): Epiphany day

  • 28th February (Thursday): Andalucía Day

  • 18th April and 19th April (Thursday and Friday): Maundy Thursday and  Good Friday

  • 1st May (Wednesday): Labour Day

  • 15th August (Thursday): Feast of the Assumption

  • 1st November (Friday): All saint´s day

  • 6th December (Friday): Constitution day

  • 25th December (Wednesday): Christmas day

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