Measures to prevent COVID 19:

At AIL Málaga your safety comes first, so we have adapted the school following the recommendations of Spanish health authorities and the main teaching federations in order to have a safe environment in which, you can learn Spanish without any worries:

1. Limited capacity classrooms:

We have prepared the school to teach Spanish classes in 3 limited capacity classrooms. The classrooms will have a maximum capacity of:

Classroom Ronda: 4 students + 1 teacher

Classroom Antequera / Marbella: 8 students + 1 teacher

Classroom Nerja: 4 students + 1 teacher

Air renewal and disinfection after each class:

The classrooms used for class have windows for correct ventilation and fans to expel the air and allow the renewal of the particles in the air.

Remval of extra decorative elements:

The classrooms have been arranged leaving only the necessary study places for the maximum number of students. All study places are separated from each other 1.5 meters away. In addition, all decorations and elements whose surfaces could help spread the virus have been removed.

Mandatory use of mask

In addition to preparing the classrooms, the use of a mask will be mandatory in all common areas.  It will also be mandatory to wear a mask, even when the safety distance is increased to 2-3 meters.

Temperature control

Temperature is the main factor that authorities are using to identify potential infected people, so each student, team member and teacher will be subject to temperature control with a infrared thermometer. If the termometer marks more than 37.5 celsius degrees, access to the facilities will not be allowed.

Use of hydro-alcoholic gel

Each person who enters the school will have hand sanitizing gels at their disposal. The gels are located at the entrance to the school.

Commitment to accept the protocol against COVID 19

Each student, teacher, and team member must have read and accept the school’s health regulations. We are committed to caring for each other against COVID 19. The health of all members of the school and of our families can only be reached with everyone’s cooperation.