Private Spanish class

Private Spanish course | Study Spanish in Malaga

The private Spanish classes are perfect for professionals, those who don’t have a lot of time to study Spanish or people who wish to learn about specific topics in Spain, such as: business Spanish, law, tourism, exportation. Perfect to reach a professional level!

The private Spanish course includes cultural and social activities where you can practice Spanish with other students at the school, visit wonderful places in Malaga and get to know the Spanish lifestyle.

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Private Spanish lessons summary

Minimum age

14 years old

From 14 years old

Available levels


From beginners to advanced students

Start date

Any day of the week (from Monday-Friday)

Group size

1 student

Classes per week

Minimum of 1 class (50 minutes per class)

Class structure

Fully flexible and personalised

Certificate: Each student receives an attendance certificate upon finishing the course

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Private Spanish classes | Objectives

The private Spanish course will help you improve your oral and writing skills so that you feel more fluent and confident speaking Spanish at a professional level.

Our teaching methods, 100% tailor-made for you, will help you speak and understand Spanish thanks to the personalised programme and our private Spanish lessons in Spain. The Spanish course is completely adapted to suit your needs and for you learn at the right pace. The skills that you use the most are also taken into consideration for the planning of the classes. Not forgetting, however, that the foundation of the learning process of any language is to practice the knowledge acquired.

Private Spanish lessons

This course is for you if…

  • You wish to learn Spanish at your own pace and completely cater the experience to your needs
  • You prefer to learn in a personal environment and have attention 100% focused on you  and your progress
  • You would like flexibility with your start date, timetable, location and course length
  • You are 14 or over, with any level in Spanish

Teacher’s opinion:

“The private Spanish course is one of my favorite programmes since I get to know my students as if they were an extra member of my family. You will learn a lot in a course that is 100% adapted to you and your pace: we will carry out role plays and fun communication exercises. Get ready for success!”

Prices of the Private Spanish lessons

1 class

32per class

10+ classes

29per class

1 class 2 students

37per class

10+ classes 2 students

34per class

1 class 3 students

42per class

10+ classes 3 students

39per class

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