Welcome to AIL Malaga!

Chris, Director de AIL Málaga

My name is Chris Haworth and I’m the director and founder of AIL Malaga – Spanish Language School. Before embarking on your trip, I’d like to tell you a little about our history, our quality standards and why so many students choose to study Spanish with us.

Very cliché I know, but my relationship with Spain really has been love at first sight. What started as being a year abroad back in 2000 has turned into 20 plus years of fascination and intoxication – the warm and sometimes moody people, the outdoor living, the desire to enjoy life, the endless hidden villages and wonderful scenery, the history, the diverse cuisine and of course the beautiful language.

My friends and relatives from far and wide flocked to see me. Nothing gave me greater pleasure than to share Spain’s marvellous treasures. Over time, friends of friends (as well as some not so wanted more distant relatives) started to come as the word spread.

I had discovered my passion and felt so fulfilled; Spain, its culture and its language. I knew what I wanted to do with my life

In 2006, the first AIL Spanish school opened in Madrid opening its very humble doors, its wide arms and loving heart to international visitors wanting to learn Spanish and immerse themselves in the Spanish culture.

Over the next decade, student numbers grew, we moved to bigger premises, and we received the prestigious Cervantes accreditation.

By 2016, AIL Madrid was recognised as a leading Spanish school in Spain. Our students wanted to replicate their experience with us in other parts of Spain. Málaga’s fantastic beaches, historic centre, wonderful bars and restaurants and Andalusian charm was the obvious choice.

AIL Málaga’s cosy premises and friendly staff welcome more than 500 energetic and curious students a year to the capital of the Costa del Sol, all of whom enjoy an enriching cultural and linguistic Spanish immersion experience.

Our Mission

To offer our students the most motivated and committed teachers in a comfortable, welcoming and friendly environment so at the end of their stay the students take home lasting memories of their time studying Spanish in Malaga.

Our Vision

To be a school:

  • where our employees feel valued, fairly remunerated and that their personal needs are listened to
  • where our students feel that we do the extra mile to maximise their satisfaction, learning experience and linguistic and cultural immersion
  • recognised internationally for our academic excellence and professionalism and student focus and satisfaction

Chris Haworth
Director of AIL Malaga – Spanish Language School