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Marina B

Marina is a cheerful and enthusiastic person. She is very outgoing and loves to share her free time with her family and friends.

Although she was born in Cordoba, she has always spent her summer holidays in Malaga, so she has a beautiful history with this city and always tells her students the funniest anecdotes she has experienced here.

She has always liked literature and Spanish grammar and syntax classes and loved to go to the blackboard to find the subject and predicate sentences. It was always clear to her that she wanted to study Hispanic Philology. That is why, after graduating and recalling the good memories she had of her teachers, she decided to do a postgraduate course to be able to teach and inspire her students as her teachers did with her.

She loves working at our school because there are students from many cultures and countries, as Marina says “I love that my class looks like the UN!

Marina F

Marina is a fun person with unstoppable energy. She transmits super good vibes to every person who crosses her path.

From a very young age she loved languages, she was convinced that she was going to be able to speak all the languages in the world when she grew up. Although she has not yet achieved her childhood goal, she can boast that she speaks perfect English and has worked in the UK for several years as a Spanish teacher.

During these years she realized that teaching Spanish was something she loved, she felt stronger and more energetic than ever when she was teaching and she couldn’t stop smiling. That is why, when she returned to Spain she decided to continue being a Spanish teacher and made a match with our school because she is as crazy about Spanish as we are.

She always laughs and says that the United Kingdom marked her because she takes advantage of any ray of sunshine to go to the beach or to the countryside to have a good picnic. Marina, being on the Costa del Sol you are going to have a picnic at home every day, if you provide the food, we’ll join you!


Maria is an outgoing and communicative person, so her classes tend to be fun and interactive.

She has always been passionate about the Spanish language, its origins, its variants and everything related with this language. This was her main motivation to obtain a degree in Hispanic Philology, which immersed her even more in the wonderful world of Spanish.

Now she dedicate herself to teaching and helping as many students as possible to make them know/discover this amazing language that she loves so much!


Desirée has been interested in the world of language since she was a little girl until she discovered that she wanted to be a teacher.

She is passionate about the world of learning and culture, which is why she decided to dedicate herself to it. Her classes are always 50/50: the students learn from her as she learns from them. In this way, they manage to create a welcoming atmosphere in class, and above all, a lot of fun!

Also, she loves to travel and read, because there is no better way to take your mind to another place than with a good book!

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My name is Chris and I’m the director and founder of AIL Málaga. I am from a small town near Manchester, but after more than 20 years in Spain, I feel more Spaniard than most. When I am not busy making sure that everything in the school is up to a top quality standard, my hobbies are relaxing with my family (I have a teenage daughter and a toddler son), eating Indian food, playing poker and running marathons. If you see me in the corridors please do introduce yourself, I would love to hear your story.


Teresa is a cheerful and humorous person who spreads her good vibes wherever she goes.

She is a great lover of reading: from the classics to Isabel Allende’s mystery novels. In fact, she has always tried to instill this love of literature in her students.

She was a high school teacher for a long time and each academic year she showed her students that La Celestina and La Casa de Bernarda Alba were works that could be applied to today’s world and indeed contained a lot of gossip! She does not consider herself a typical teacher and firmly believes that when you teach dynamically and in a didactic way, you are able to truly reach more young people. This idea, among many others, was what led her to become Academic Coordinator and Director.

Although now she has not been teaching for some time, Teresa remembers many anecdotes from her teaching days and is always keen to support her colleagues with inspirational ideas to help our students learn Spanish in a fun and rapid way, so that they will always remember their stay at AIL Malaga as one of the best experiences of their lives.


If you look under the word “globetrotter” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Anna. She has known since she was little that she wanted to study something related to tourism and languages. Ever since she graduated with a degree in languages (concentrated in international business and tourism), she has not stopped exploring the world.

She doesn’t enjoy visiting the popular tourist locations for “guiris”, as she says, and instead enjoys getting completely lost in the city. In this way, Anna feels exposed to the culture at first hand and really discovers the traditions in each special place she visits.

She loves languages and enjoys talking to people in their native language whenever she travels. As of right now, she speaks English, Italian, and Spanish, but would love to perfect her Portuguese and French. She knows that with AIL Málaga, she’ll definitely be reaching her new learning goals while helping out students from all over the world.


Gabriel is an Italian who fits many of the stereotypes: he loves pasta, wine and pizza and even owned a Vespa in his youth.

However, he admits that since arriving in Málaga and eating espeto, tortillitas de camarones and pestiños his heart has been divided. As well as being a true specialist in making pasta carbonara – don’t even think of telling him that carbonara has cream and mushrooms in it – he loves to spend his free time travelling and learning languages.

He speaks more than four languages and one of his dreams is to visit the places described in the classic novels he loves so much. In addition to all these hobbies, he spends his free time volunteering with animal shelters – he loves puppies!

If you come to Malaga and visit the Malagueta beach, it is very likely that you will find Gabriel playing volleyball. For him it is the best way to end the day and he defines it as his “guilty pleasure”.