Meet the teachers


¡Hola! I am the madrileña teacher, the coolest! 😀

I started teaching ten years ago and since then I have been hooked on this profession; I´ve discovered my vocation. My passion for teaching Spanish led me to Manchester, where I was teaching at the Cervantes Institute. A few years later I decided to come to AIL Malaga to live in one of the Mediterranean paradises.

I like being a teacher because I enjoy helping others to learn and I’m keen to make the Spanish lessons useful for the students by adapting my methodology as much as possible to the students needs.

I’m very enthusiastic about my work and I am also a perfectionist. During my free time I like going to the cinema and reading Spanish teaching articles.  I love Malaga because of its cultural diversity, the really pleasant climate and the Mediterranean dishes.


My name is Noemi, I was born in Canarias but I have lived in Malaga since I was 6 months old so I feel 100% “boquerona”. Ever since I was little I  have wanted to be a Spanish teacher because I really like to communicate with people and I enjoy giving Spanish classes. For me, the most important thing when you’re a teacher is knowing the language well and teaching it in a fun and practical way.

I like teaching all the skills, but if I had to choose my favourite, I would say grammar, because it’s a challenge for me to teach it in a simple and attractive way for the students.

I like working at AIL Malaga because of the great atmosphere and spirit of the school. During the classes, I get to know my students and adapt the class to their needs. During my free time I like going to the beach, drawing and going out with my friends to enjoy the weather and the food of Malaga.


Macarena meet the teacher ail malaga school

Hi! I am Macarena, another “boquerona” in AIL Malaga. As a little girl I used to dream about being a journalist. I had my little secret diary in which I would collect information about my relatives and write short stories. Now I´m mainly surrounded by books and notebooks because I have decided to be a teacher! In my notebooks I put together information about how to improve lessons to make them the best for my students.

When I finished my studies, I decided to make my life even more colourful and joyful. I packed my belongings and went to Norway to experience the adventure of my life. Despite the low temperature outside, Norway gave me a warm welcome as a Spanish teacher. I had an unforgettable, enriching experience being totally immersed in a culture and its traditions. But above all I discovered my passion to teach Spanish!

I consider myself a very cheerful girl who loves to joke and laugh. Even when the topic of the lesson is grammar, the atmosphere is great and everyone is having fun. Furthermore, I like teaching the past tense. By talking about events of the past we can get to know each other better.

In my free time I enjoy watching thrillers and dramas. My favourites are “Seven” and “Desde mi cielo”. Have you ever watched them? I also love to travel. I would die to visit Cuba! I think the citizens are pretty similar to us in Malaga. Always grinning, living a cheerful and pure life.

Meet the student care team


Hello everyone! I am the “cordobés”,maybe you have heard about Córdoba for its Cathedral-Mosque (yes, they both are together). When I was a teenager I did an immersion course in Ireland and I fell in love with the whole experience. Since then I have always wanted to share that enriching experience with students from all over the world who come to learn Spanish.

I consider myself a friendly guy who loves meeting people from all places. I really enjoy helping our students to make their stay unforgettable. I am very passionate about practicing tennis and watching football matches. My favorite football team is Real Madrid. Even though I am a big fan of Spanish food (paella, tortilla, flamenquín…), pizza Carbonara is always the first option when I want to treat myself.


Hola amigos. I am Juanlu the authentic “extremeño” in the school. If you want to have a good time in class, I can tell you a secret – I am the funniest one in the school!

I was born in Merida, the millenary city capital of Extremadura. When I finished my Law studies, I realised my passion for teaching Spanish: I packed my belongings and travelled to the capital of the byzantine empire: Istanbul. This life-changing adventure lasted for 5 years and I made the most out of every single day. When I returned to my beloved country, I was welcomed into the AIL Madrid family and now I am also part of the fun AIL Malaga family. Travelling and gaining new experiences has always been my passion and I have made many enriching memories. If you like travelling, I strongly recommend you immerse yourself in the culture and language, it will change your mind and future!

Now that I live and I am able to lose myself in the secret corners of Malaga, I can undoubtedly say it has stolen my heart: the narrow historical streets, the smell of “biznagas” and the taste of the sardines slowly cooked in the fire, has made me discover the essence and charm of this city. When you are here with us you will truly love being able to relax on the beach during the day and have fun in the centre full of pubs and discos during the night.

As a teacher I love working with people and making them realise that the Spanish language is a fun and powerful tool for their future. My students always emphasise my patience and creativity, so even preparing for the exam is fun with me.

Juanlu meet the team ail malaga


Silvia student help meet team ail malaga

Hi everyone, I´m Silvia! A native Madrileña (Madrid) with a heart from Malagueña. In my free time, I travel the world to discover its endless beauty. Malaga is my little piece of paradise to which I always come back with a sincere grin on my face. Here, a sun shines like nowhere else in the world!

I truly love relaxing on sandy beaches decorated by palm trees which reach the sky, taking a refreshing bath in the sea, listening to the colourful parrots sing and letting the sun rays heat my body… It is what I missed the most when I was living in London – for 15 years! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience which taught me a lot about cultural wealth and its differences, letting me grow as a person. Immersion in a different culture and language made me a confident person, being able to speak English fluently with many new friends from all over the world.

After 10 years of work in various language schools, as an experienced worker I decided to join the AIL Malaga family. This school is very different from any I have ever seen in my life. The team is so close to students and is here to help them any time they need, and so am I. Together we create an environment which is student friendly and is a second home for us.

In the evenings I rediscover my passion of cooking using traditional Spanish cookbooks and exploring hidden, charming paths of Malaga on my electric scooter. Let´s have fun!


Hi guys – I am Pamela. A polish girl with an English name living in Malaga. Good combination – it cannot be boring! I love trying new things, so my life is full of adventures and good memories.

I come from a small town in Poland, called Sulechów. Ever since I was young, I have loved watching Argentinian telenovelas, my favourite is “Muñeca Brava”. My love for the Spanish language grew along with me. In 2016, I visited Spain for the first time. It was like a long holiday called the Erasmus Programme ;). Studying both in Spanish and English was crazy for me. Guess what! I ‘ve fallen in love with Spain completely.

I’ ve recently finished a masters degree in psychology and now in AIL Malaga I mix my passion of marketing with language skills. The people here are friendly and fun. What I love the most about Malaga is going to the beach, the weather which is always sunny and warm, and the historical centre. If I could, I would take some of the exotic Palmeras back to my garden in Poland!