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Meet the teachers


¡Hola! I am the madrileña teacher, the coolest! 😀

I started teaching ten years ago and I was hooked on this profession, I discovered my vocation. The passion for teaching Spanish led me to Manchester, where I was teaching at the Cervantes Institute. A few years later I decided to come to AIL Malaga to live in one of the Mediterranean paradises.

I like to be a teacher because, I enjoy helping others to learn and I’m keen into making the Spanish lessons useful for the students by adapting my methodology as much as possible to the students’ needs.

I’m very enthusiastic with my work and I am also a perfectionist. During my free time I like going to the cinema and read Spanish teaching article.  I love Malaga for its cultural diversity, the really pleasant climate and the Mediterranean dishes.


My name is Noemi, I was born in Canarias but I have lived in Málaga since I was 6 months old so I feel 100% “boquerona”. Since I was little I wanted to be a Spanish teacher because I really like to communicate with people and I enjoy giving Spanish classes. For me, the most important when you’re a teacher is well-knowing the language and teaching it in a fun and practical way.

I like teaching all the skills, but if I have to choose, I prefer the grammar, because it’s a challenge for me to teach it in a simple and attractive way for the students.

I like to work in AIL Málaga for the great atmosphere and spirit of the school. During the classes, I get to know my students to adapt  the class to their needs. During my free time I like going to the beach, drawing and going out with my friends to enjoy the weather and the food of Málaga.


Pedro Spanish teacher

Hello everyone! I’m Pedro, the teacher of Jaén. However, I’m living in Malaga for 6 years and I’ve been in love with the city from the first day I arrived. It’s not strange; if you visit us, it will happen to you too! It’s impossible not to fall in love with the food, the weather and the great cultural offerings that Malaga has, among many other things.

Since I was little, I dreamed of being a teacher, because I love teaching. In addition to being a beautiful language, over the years I have discovered its richness. Therefore, every day I work with what I like the most: Teaching and my mother tongue, Spanish. I feel very lucky!

My other passion is traveling and getting to know different cultures. Whenever I can, I escape and visit any corner of the world. For me, traveling is one of the best pastimes that exists. Luckily, the life of a Spanish teacher is a constant journey through the different cultures of our students. I’m always willing to make that trip.

I await you here, at AIL Malaga!

Meet the student care team


Hello everyone! I am the “cordobés”,maybe you have heard about Córdoba for its Cathedral-Mosque (yes, they both are together). When I was a teenager I did an immersion course in Ireland and I felt in love with the whole experience. Since then I have always wanted to share that enriching experience with students from all over the world who come to learn Spanish.

I consider myself as friendly guy who loves meeting people from all places. I really enjoy helping our students to make their stay unforgettable. I am very passionate about practicing tennis and watching football matches. My favorite football team is Real Madrid. Even though I am a big fan of Spanish food (paella, tortilla, flamenquín…), pizza Carbonara is always the first option when I want to treat myself.


Hello! I am Verónica, the Willi Fog of the school. Although I was born in a little village in Córdoba, I have lived in different Spanish cities, like Málaga and Huelva, where I studied in the university. Furthermore, I have lived in several countries like Italy, Ireland, England and the United States. After having this “little” tour around the world I decided to come back to Málaga because “how we live here is like nowhere else in the world”.

I have always loved to meet new people from other countries, and in AIL Málaga I have the opportunity not only to help them but also to teach them a bit of our culture and language.

In my free time I love dancing, I am “salsera” and “bachatera”, I love latin music. I also like to travel and to ride my bike.

The two things I like the most in Málaga are a delicious cake called “palmeras of kinder” from the “Casa Kiki”, a bake shop which is just 2 minutes far from our school; and also the seafront promenade where I usually skate, walk and enjoy the sea.


My name is Peter Kasinamunda, I was born in Zimbabwe but I have spent most of my life in Malaysia. I am glad that AIL Malaga has decided to make me part of their team. I hope I can learn quite a lot during my time at AIL and that I will be able to contribute positively toward the school.

For the short time I have been Malaga, I have fallen in love with the city. Malaga is beautiful, and it has so much to offer: from the heritage of the city to the delicious food. This place has a little slice of heaven that can easily attract anyone.

I consider myself logical and very analytical. I like spending time exploring how a system can be improved and made more efficient. My hobbies are reading books and watching Formula One. I believe that for people to grow we should get out of our comfort zone and venture in to the unknown. Life is an open book, write your own story.

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