This tips will help you meet new people in Málaga! Whether you’ve moved here to study Spanish or to work, everybody has one thing in common: everything’s new! We know that the culture, the streets, and (most of all) the people are all unfamiliar and, sometimes, it can make you feel a little bit isolated or lonely.

Fortunately, Málaga is also one of the friendliest cities and has infinite opportunities to meet new people! Here are a few of the best options:

1. The Student Way

One ot the best experiences for meeting people and making friends is through enroling to a course. At our Spanish classes, students discover a community of international people who, though from all parts of the world, shared the same enthusiasm and interest in Spain and Spanish language and culture.

International students also understand what it’s like to move here without knowing anyone and those who had been here a while usually have some great advice and insights for the new ones. In this way, you feel like you have a friend group and an active schedule from day one.

Meet new people in Málaga

2. The At-Home Way

Sharing an apartment with other people can seem great or daunting, depending on who you are, but it will always improve your social life. This is especially true if you live with Spaniards, who are sure to introduce you to all their friends and adopt you as one of their own.

If you choose to live with other foreigners, this can also be a great introduction to the guiri community. Long live the Flat Mate Solution! A win-win situation.

3. The Ripped Way

Another way for meeting people is a classic, no matter where you live: join the gym! While not guaranteed to make you friends, this will put you in an energetic environment with lots of other people from your neighborhood.

You can also enjoy the the wonderful promenade Malaga’s coast to go jogging or exercise at the beach. Either way, overcome your fears and strike up a conversation… You never know where your best friendships might bloom!

Actividades en Málaga al aire libre

4. The Social Media Way

Our final suggestion for you to feel immediately comfortable is to connect with your fellow guiris (foreigner and, in this case, English speaking). This might not improve your Spanish or give you the feeling of embarking on adventure, but it will definitely give you confidence and a loving community right here in Málaga. A great way to meet other guiris are through facebook groups such as those for expats, au pairs or Erasmus.

We are sure that with this guide, meeting new people in Málaga will be a piece of cake.

What about you? Do you or have you lived abroad? Do you have any suggestions for people in that situation? Let us know!