Hello and happy new year!

I hope you have prepared your list of resolutions for 2023 and that you accomplish all your goals. If learning Spanish is among them, you know that we have free content on our social networks to give you a boost to your Spanish level.

the centre of MálagaIn this blog, I want to tell you about Pablo Picasso. He is one of the most important painters in the world. He is one of those artists who need no introduction: his pictorial style and the background of his works linked to the struggle against Franco’s regime and the dictatorship that Spain lived, have given him the distinction of “hijo predilecto de Málaga”.

The artist has a very striking pictorial evolution divided into periods: early works, blue period, pink period, African period, cubism, neoclassicism, surrealism and late works. He began with a style linked to realism with works such as “The Altar Boy” and little by little he moved closer to abstract art with cubism where we highlight his most famous work: Guernica.

Picasso was born in 1881 in the beautiful city of Malaga, although he was always closely linked to Paris and the freedom that the neighboring country represented. For this reason, he decided to settle permanently in France in 1904 and later, with Franco’s rise to power, he chose not to return to Spain until his death in 1973.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the most famous Spanish painter of our country and therefore, his hometown is going to pay him a tribute in style.

In the Picasso Museum, you can enjoy a chronological journey through the artist’s work. An exhibition called ‘The Ages of Pablo’ where you can see how the different stages of the artist’s life affected his work.

Undoubtedly, it is a perfect way to approach art and make a different and interesting plan for Malaga.

We love art At the school we are passionate about painting and Spanish art. For this reason, it is clear that we are going to propose to our students to visit these exhibitions. In addition, as in our free online activities on Tuesdays we talk about cultural topics, including the periods that Spain has lived through such as the Dictatorship, the Transition or the Republic, visiting the Picasso exhibition can be the perfect complement to understand even more these stages that our country lived.

In addition to this very interesting exhibition, the City Council and the Government of Spain in collaboration with the Government of France, have prepared many activities to raise awareness of the life and work of Picasso. From conferences and congresses to concerts, the truth is that this new year is promising.

Who is your favorite Spanish painter and do you know Picasso’s work?

With that question in the air, I say goodbye until the next post. I hope you liked this content, which, although it is somewhat different from what I usually bring you, I think it is certainly very interesting. Also, if you are as big a fan of Picasso as I am, you can take advantage of this year to come study Spanish in Malaga and visit this very special exhibition in his honor.

See you next time!