Something spoo-ooo-ky is in the air… BOO! 👻

As you can see, I am a huge fanatic of Halloween festivities– how could you not be?! In today’s blog post, I’m going to tell you a bit more about the celebration we have planned for Halloween at our AIL Málaga school. More than just learning Spanish, at AIL Málaga we know how to celebrate a good time. 

pumpkin for halloweenWhen I was little (and hey– it’s not as many years ago as you’re thinking…) not very many people celebrated Halloween in Spain. Now, October 31st is a day where you’ll be sure to find many people scattered throughout the city center wearing spooky costumes and enjoying the Halloween spirit.

Many of the clubs in Málaga are just as passionate about the Halloween traditions as I am. You can find most bars and nightclubs decked out with pumpkins, plastic spiders, and all the spooky supplies. At the club Sala Gold, everyone is part of the Halloween festivities– even down to the bartenders who dress up as zombies!

If going out all night is not your preferred way of celebrating, fear not! The city of Málaga also prepares a week long celebration that locals call “Polloween Horror Fest”. This is named in honor of its organizer, the “Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales”. 

Teachers on HalloweenAs you know, our team at AIL Málaga is international, bringing lots of different cultures and holidays through our doors. My friends and I love Halloween so much, and are happy that we get to share these festivities with each other. Whether it’s a Spanish holiday or not… we love an excuse to enjoy each other’s company!

With most of our students coming from all over the world, we wanted to prepare something special this year for Halloween. We are their connection to Spain, and sort of like their own host family. As such, we have a big responsibility to show them how we celebrate here!

Take a peek at our scary costumes! We went to a costume shop here in Málaga and as you can see in the photos, our team was more than excited to dress up all together. We even bought chocolates and sour candies for our students to enjoy during their fun Spanish classes. But careful– we’ll make them trick-or-treat to receive the prize! The school is also decorated for the occasion. 

Student on HalloweenAt AIL Málaga we do things big, with no details left untouched. Our school and classrooms look straight out of a Tim Burton movie. We’ve got everything from skeletons, to spiderwebs, to little pumpkins. Our amazing professors even included Halloween in their Intensive Spanish Courses, giving students a fun way to connect with the language and celebrate the day. 

But wait! Our plans don’t stop there. In the afternoon, we’ll be getting into the dance mood pre-nightclub. We’re thinking… we go dance the Thriller choreography on Calle Larios. What’s more… we might even film a TikTok! What do you think?

I think this year’s Halloween will be unforgettable for everyone, from our students to our staff. We couldn’t be happier with the excitement that the 31st of October brings!

And of course, if you’re not feeling up to a nightclub this year– it’s more than okay! I recommend that you practice Spanish at home by watching a Spanish movie. I recommend the movie “Rec”

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween night– until the next blog!