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Learn Spanish in Malaga

Learning Spanish in Malaga is without a doubt a wise choice if what you look for is to supplement your studies with fun and good weather.

Malaga, the capital of Costa del Sol, it has a very pleasant tropical climate with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This makes for warm summers and mild winters. Malaga is famous for having 340 days of sun and wonderful Mediterranean beaches that spread out throughout the coast.


The city of Malaga is found in the south of Spain, it is the capital of the province and the second biggest city in Andalusia. Its location makes it an ideal place for transport access: By air it is connected to more than 100 European cities, by sea it’s connected with the Mediterranean countries and by high speed train it’s connected with the main cities in Spain.

Due to the fact that it is in the coast, it has many mountains surrounding it and protecting the city, this will allow you to spend the mornings enjoying nature and the views and the afternoons you can let the sun of Malaga bathe you on the sandy beaches. What more can you ask for?


Malaga is a very lively city with many things to do: anything from enjoying a breathtaking sunrise at any of its beautiful beaches to giving it your all on the dance floors of the hundreds of bars and clubs in the historic center.

If you are learning Spanish in Malaga, we can also recommend spending some time going to the theatre or the cinema to watch a Spanish film, that way you will practice Spanish and improve your listening skills. Malaga has many wonderful cinemas and theatres in its repertoire: Alameda cinema, Yelmo Vialia cinema, Malaga Nostrum cinema, Cervantes theatre, Alameda theatre or the colourful Cánovas theatre.

Malagueta beach


 There is a reason why Malaga is known as the capital of Costa del Sol and it’s because it has 14 kilometres of coast where you can make the most of the sun and the good weather. The beaches make the coast an authentic place to relax and have a good time.

Malaga has beaches of every type and to suit different people. If what you look for are urban beaches, with sports facilities and a lively atmosphere…then going to the Malagueta, Pedregalejo, La Misericordia, or El Palo beaches is for you. If, however, you are more interested in finding hidden gems and quieter places we recommend going to“El Peñón del Cuento” or the “Baños del Carmen”.


Malaga clearly follows the Mediterranean diet. The cuisine is famous for its vegetables, meat and fish and the vital use of olive oil of the highest calibre.

In any of the restaurants or beach bars of Malaga you can enjoy typical and delicious dishes like:

  • Porra antequerana:  creamy soup with a tomato and bread base
  • Malagueña Salad: prepared with local products such as potato, orange, cod, olives…
  • Mixed fry a la Malagueña: Varied fried little sardines, squids and other fishes from the area.
  • Creamy rice with cod: a type of soup very tasty with rice and cod
  • Clams “a la Malagueña”: Clams cooked with garlic, onion and perejil.
  • Skewered Sardines: a type of brocheta cooked slowly in a bonfire A classic of the  Malagueñas beaches.

We can´t forget the big classics of the Spanish cuisine which are also present in Malaga: the paella, Spanish omelette, the gazpacho can also be found in any menu throughout the city. Who can resist these delicious dishes?

Restaurant Bar Malaga Spain

Bars and restaurantes

The good weather of Malaga makes it ideal for spending time outdoors, people love spending their spare time outside enjoying their friend´s company. That is why you will hardly ever find an empty bar or restaurant in Malaga. Some of the most popular bars to have some “tapas” in are: Ataraznas market, Prefectorium Catedral bar, dobleuve pub, KGB and of course the renown Pimpi bar.

These are some of the recommendations we give you, given that Malaga has hundred of enchanting bars to have some “tapitas” and fried “pescaito” .


Learning Spanish in a city like Malaga will give you an incredible opportunity to be part of its ancient history where there has been Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians.

Its strategic place on the Mediterranean sea makes it a key city for trades and naval armies. The main monuments you can visit are:

  • The Alcazaba: Arab military fortress built in 1063 by King Taifas Bereber of Granada.
  • Gibralfaro castle: Chosen to protect the Alcazaba in the 16th Century, it was key in many battles to overtake the city. It is worth a visit due to its history, its walls, and the breathtaking views of the city.
  • Roman theatre: Real life proof of the presence of the Romans in Malaga, from the very 1st Century, the theatre entertained millions of Roman citizens and Roman senators.
  • Cathedral: Every Spanish city has a Cathedral but not all of them have the charms of ours. It is known as ‘La Manquita’ because it is missing the south tower. Definitely a Renaissance beauty started in the 16th century and completed two centuries after.
Monument Malaga Castle
Airport Malaga Spain


If you want to learn Spanish in Malaga you can count on an airport which is only 8 km from the center of Malaga and perfectly accessible by train, buses and taxis. It transports nearly 14 million passengers, turning it into the biggest and most important Airport of Andalusia.  From Malaga you can fly to more than 100 European cities and other important cities such as Moscu, Saint Petersburgo, Kuwait, New York, Toronto and Monreal.


Malaga is a city where living and being a tourist is very affordable. Having a coffee in a terrace looking out to the sea can cost you between 1 € and 1,80 €. Enjoying a typical chocolate with churros costs between 2,50 € and 5 €. A single bus ticket to travel through the city costs 1,30 €

If you want to enjoy a restaurant menu (3 course meal) the price can vary between 8€ and 15€. That is not to mention the legendary sardines cooked in the   by the sea side which can cost anything from 2 € to 5 €. A very economic luxury for visitors and locals.

The day to day life in Malaga is very cheap, thus learning Spanish in Malaga can be as cheap as being in your home town.

Prices Malaga Spain

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