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Aprende español en madrid

Learn Spanish in Madrid

Learning Spanish in Madrid is a once in a lifetime experience in which you will get to experience the energy, vitality and rhythm of the hustle and bustle of life in Spain. Madrid is charming, full of history; everywhere you look there is a perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture in a very cosmopolitan city.


Found in the center of Spain, Madrid is the biggest city in the country with close to 4 million inhabitants. Its perfect location makes it an ideal strategic place to learn Spanish. Apart from being able to enjoy the exciting city life, you will also be able to visit many other enchanting cities thanks to the high-speed trains. Cities like Cordoba, Seville, Malaga, Valencia or Barcelona are a mere 3 hours away!

600 metres above the water, Madrid’s climate consists of chilly winters, warm summers and precious blue skies that always covers the city.


Madrid is full of entertaining places throughout the city. In the time you are not learning Spanish, you could be making the most of everything Madrid has to offer: cinemas, theatres, parks, zoos, theme and water parks, ice rink and even indoor skiing slopes.

If you are going to learn Spanish in Madrid we strongly recommend visiting the retiro park, the biggest urban park of Madrid. It is ideal to do sports, have a walk or simply relax and be in touch with nature. Our very own Hyde Park!

Parque del retiro Madrid
Museo del prado Madrid

Monuments and Museums

There are more than 40 museums and hundreds of monuments spread out throughout the city of Madrid. As a visitor you have to see the iconic symbols like the “Puerta de Alcalá”, the fountain of Cibeles, the city hall, the Puerta del Sol and the bullring in Ventas.

If Art is something you are passionate about, Madrid is the European benchmark because of its “Paseo de Arte” road. This road contains three of the biggest Museums: Museum of Prado, Museum of Reina Sofía and Museum of Thyssen-Bornemizsa. It is separated by a few meters only and it is a must if you are coming to study in Madrid. Reward yourself by going to see absolute masterpieces like the works of Goya, Velazquez, Picasso or Sorolla.


Madrid has a very influential fashion which is spread out throughout Europe. If you are interested in fashion and trends, you must visit the famous streets of Serrano and Gran Via. The main areas to go shop for things ranging from fashion to technology to avant-guarde are:

  • Salamanca neighbourhood: luxury and uniqueness
  • Chueca and Fuencarral: designers of avant-guarde clothes
  • Gran Via: popular clothes shops, technological stores and precious jewelleries
  • Sol-Preciados: Avant-guarde technology and a range of fashion stores
  • Malasaña: Alternative clothes and retro
  • Jorge Juan: High-fashion men´s colthes
  • The Rastro market: Sunday outdoor market where you will able to find anything you can think of. A jemstone for the lovers of antique and craftsmanship!


The gastronomy of Madrid is as bright as the sun that reigns over the city. During your breaks from the Spanish course you could go out to enjoy some classic cuisine such as: cocido madrileño (a chickpeas dish), fried squid baguette or Spanish omelette. There are lots to be learnt about a culture through its gastronomy. That is why we invite you to submerge yourself in the Spanish cuisine and in specific, Madrid’s. Some of the typical dishes of the capital are:

  •  Fried squid baguette
  • Cocido Madrileño: filling stew which consists of 3 dishes: Soup, chickpeas and meat
  • Callos a la madrileña: Elaborate stew with pork´s meat
  • Garlic soup
  • Snails a la madrileña
  • Spanish omellette
  • Chocolate with Churros

Bars and Restaurants

There are fantastic bars and restaurants in Madrid, anything ranging from the most traditional pub to an extremely avant-gaurde restaurant or traditional food from the north of the country to Thai food. All of them have a special place in the capital of Spain.

If you want to enjoy the tapas culture, we recommend visiting the San Miguel market, a recently refurbished area where you can find various different types of tapas and also the best beers and wines. It is the perfect place to enjoy the company of your friends.

If on the other hand you want amore refined dinning you can go to many of the Michelín stars restaurants (one of the most prestigious awards of the culinary world) such as; DiverXO, Santceloni, La Terraza del Casino, Sergi Arola Restaurante, El club Allard

You can find all the bars and restaurants imaginable in Madrid … Come and find out!


Learning Spanish in Madrid has many advantages and one of these is having an airport that has been claimed as the best in Southern Europe.

The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport transports each year more than 40 million travellers, making it the fourth most important airport in Europe. Madrid is connected with more than 190 destinations, amongst these destinations 120 are to main European cities such as Paris, London, Amsterdan, Berlin, Brussels, Rome…

The connections between the airport and the city are fantastic since you can travel by metro, train, bus and taxi.


Madrid is quite an economic city compared to other major capitals such as London, Paris or Rome.

Having a cup of coffee can cost anything from 1€ and 1,80€, a three course meal in Madrid tends to cost between 9€ and 15€ depending of the establishment. A delicious and traditional chocolate with churros costs between 3€ and 6€. Travelling by the underground is also fairly cheap since the single ticket costs between 1,50€ and 2€ and the monthly underground-bus ticket costs 35€ (under 25 years old).

If you want to watch a film in one the many modern cinemas in Madrid, the entrance fee is 5€-10€, depending on the day and time.

Like every capital, there areas that are cheaper than others, making it very likely that you won’t have any financial strain. Learning Spanish in Spain is within your reach!

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