Study Spanish Abroad and Work Internship Programme in Spain

Internship Placement Program in Málaga

Our Internship Placement Program is the ideal course for young adults who want to boost their future professional career with an international internship experience. You will learn numerous skills in the sector you are interested in: business, finance, banking, marketing, tourism, law, graphic design… Boost your CV with an internship in a Spanish company in the sector of your choice!

The internship will allow you to develop new skills, discover new ways of working and improve your spanish, all while gaining invaluable work experience

In addition, choosing to learn Spanish is a smart and strategic move, as you will gain a highly desirable professional profile in the international job market. Even if you are currently satisfied with your professional position, learning Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world) will always open doors to multiple opportunities for any potential career advancement.

Open up your future, build a career path and have the time of your life doing an internship while you study Spanish abroad!

Internship Placement Program summary

Minimum age

16 years old

From 16 years old

Fun after class activities

Not included

Internship length

Minimum internship length: 2 weeks

Start dates

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Our Intensive Spanish + Internship

The Spanish course and Internship combination will develop your Spanish for both your social and professional life, shaping you into a confident and professional Spanish speaker. During the Spanish course and your work experience you will learn:

  • Professional and general Spanish

  • Formal writing

  • Useful vocabulary in a professional setting

  • To understand and answer professional questions


With the Study Spanish Abroad and Work Internship Programme, you will acquire numerous skills to help you on your way to a highly desirable professional profile:

  • Gain professional skills useful for your future

  • Improve your CV for future jobs

  • Familiarise yourself with the Spanish business world

  • Receive training from Spanish professionals

  • Once the course is complete, you will receive 2 certificates: one for the Spanish course and another from your internship

Requirements to do the course

The course provides help with securing an internship as well as the opportunity to improve your level of Spanish. In order to be eligible for the course, you should:

  • Fill in all the documentations we send you

  • Have an idea of the sector you would like to work in

  • Have or obtain a B1 Spanish level to do your internship

  • Have a passion for learning new professional skills

  • Oblige by the company’s rules and regulations

Internship sectors

Internships are available in a variety of sectors, depending on your needs, preferences, and future goals. Sectors include:

  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Finance

  • Law
  • International business

  • Export / Import
  • Other business sectors: Ask us!

Just Internship

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The teacher’s opinion:

“Completing international internships is something that is very valued by companies all over the world, this course will open many doors for you. Open the door to your professional career now!”

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