In-company courses Spanish for executives and employees AIL Malaga
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In-company Spanish courses for executives and employees

Malaga counts about 70.000 of ex-pats from all over the world. Most of them haven’t learnt Spanish before nor have any related or relevant Spanish background. In order to make life in the South of Spain easier (professionally and in day-to-day life), it’s a must understanding and speaking at least some basic Spanish. Therefore, AIL Malaga created a Spanish in-company course.

The course is specially designed in order to either help you as an executive, to reach a higher level of Spanish or to help your employees to get a better knowledge of the Spanish language. The course can be completely tailor-made in order to meet all your specific requirements.

The Spanish in-company course content depends therefore completely on the student’s preferences and needs. Either, we focus on business vocabulary or we focus on the Spanish language in general to make life living in Spain easier. Also, we offer a combination of both. Whatever the preferences, we will always thrive to provide high quality classes, focused on developing speech, grammar and listening skills.

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In-company Spanish courses for executives and employees


Morning, afternoon or evening

Available levels


Available Spanish levels: from A1-C2, from beginners to advanced 

Course length

Spanish course: minimum of 2 weeks

Classes per week

Number of lessons tailor-made according to needs

Course Material

Textbooks with audio/visual materials, handouts, the school’s own materials, and the internet.

Program of the course

Completly tailor-made

Start dates

Every Monday

You can start any Monday throughout the year

Special features

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The course is designed  to help executive or employees to reach a higher level of Spanish through the best tailor-made program

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In-company course for employees

Group courses Spanish in-company AIL Malag

In-company course for executives

Executive in-company courses AIL Malaga

This group course will be held either in-company or, when preferred, in our school in Malaga. Our in-company group course starts from 4 students and up. Before attending the first class we will be determinate which level all students have. The duration of the course can be left as relaxed as 1.5 hour twice a week or, as intensive as preferred. Courses can be held in the afternoon, evening and even (early) in the morning.

Our one-to-one in-company course for executives can be held at any preferred location. This could be for example, at the company’s address, home or at AIL Malaga itself. Courses can be taken from one hour per week up to as intensive as you wish. Course contents are tailor-made. It’s completely up to you, to choose business Spanish or general day-to-day Spanish. Before starting the Executive in-company course we will identify together your goals and objectives so you will get the most of this course from minute one.

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