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Evening Spanish course in Malaga

/Evening Spanish course in Malaga
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Learn Spanish in malaga

Evening Spanish course in Malaga

The Evening Spanish course is designed for all those who study or work in Málaga and do not have time to take a morning or afternoon course. There are 2 classes per week and each of them lasts for an hour and a half. This evening course is a perfect solution to improve your Spanish in a progressive and consistant way, alongside your daily activities so you can put all your gained knowledge from the classes into practice. Attending this Spanish course will make your life in Malaga easier, improve your communication skills so you will be able to understand and interact with others in day to day situations. The improvement is closely linked to the increasing acquisition of security with the language, which will allow you to express yourself with mastery and fluency in every kind of situation and in any kind of topic. This process will undoubtedly help your integration into the Malagueña local life and the joy of the Spanish way of life.

The course focuses mainly on the development of oral communication skills without leaving behind the other necessary skills to really “live” the language. The knowledge of the Spanish language is a fundamental skill to add to your CV that will open up so many possibilities in the Spanish working market as well as the international one, being that Spanish is among the most spoken languages in the world!

New beginners group opening on the 5th of February!

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Evening Spanish Course Summary

Minimum age

18 years

18 years

Course available for students from 18 years, onwards

Available levels

from A1 to B2


Duration of the course

minimum 4 weeks

Duration of the intensive course: minimum of 4 weeks

Lessons per week

4 lessons

4 lessons (2 days a week, 2 hours per lesson)

Structure of the lessons

vocabulary, grammar and conversations

The lessons are divided into three parts: vocabulary, grammar and conversation

Group size

from 4 to 10 students

Average of 4, maximum of 10 students per class

Start date

every week

You can join whenever suits you best.
Also – next beginners starting dates open on 5th February 2019!

Special features

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The evening course of Spanish language will help you improve your fluidity by allowing you to speak Spanish in any social and professional situation

The Evening Spanish Course is for you if…

  • You want learn Spanish progressively with 2 classes per week while you study or work in Malaga

  • Prefer to study in a small group with personalized attention

  • Want to have a flexibility with the starting date

  • You are 18 years old or older, with any level of Spanish… and you want to see results in a short time!!!

Timetable of the Spanish Evening Course

* We remind you that our next beginners group starts on the 5th of February 2019!

Monday/Wednesday19:00-21:00Elementary/Intermediate100€ for 4 weeks; 240€ for 12 weeks
Tuesday/Thursday19:00-21:00Beginners *100€ for 4 weeks; 240€ for 12 weeks

Price excluding the enrolment fee (30€)


Teacher’s opinion:

“With the evening course you will learn Spanish while studying or working in the beautiful Málaga. With the convenient schedule that includes two classes per week you will have plenty of time to do your activities and enjoy your free time so you can always put into practice what you have learned in the class!”

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