Hi, how is everything going? I am super excited this week. I had an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m also very excited because I told my daughter Tilda that I’m writing in the blog and she said she was going to read it so I take this opportunity to say hello, Hej Tilda*!

This weekend, I visited *Nerja with my friends Lola and Macarena. I had a great time and the time flew by. My friend Macarena was the driver of the trip. Along the way we listened and sang Spanish songs by Nino Bravo, Julio Iglesias and Raphael, we had a great time!

Lola is great at interpreting road maps, if any of you who read the blog are very young I will tell you that google maps has not always existed and despite that we managed to do great and everything went as planned.

We arrived in Nerja at 10:30 in order to take advantage of the whole day. We started our trip having some churros with chocolate for breakfast in a cafeteria near the port and then we went to visit one of the most famous beaches in Andalusia. It is called Burriana beach and in Spain it is very famous for being the beach where the series Verano Azul was filmed.

I am very lucky to have Lola and Macarena because they tell me many curious things about Spain and explain me everything I don’t understand. For example, on Burriana beach there is a replica of Chanquete’s boat. I had no idea what that boat was until they explained to me that it was a reference to the Verano Azul series. This week, after my intensive Spanish course in Malaga, I’m going to start watching this series on the internet and I’m curious!

After spending the morning at one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga we went to eat at a restaurant recommended by my teacher Maria. On Friday I had a class with her and I told her that I was going on an excursion with my friends. She recommended me the restaurant “La Puntilla” and the fried fish that they prepare there (besides learning Spanish with her, I learn about gastronomy and other curiosities of Spain). My friends and I agreed that everything was delicious. We plan to return to try the other dishes on the menu.

Afterwards we visited the cave of Nerja. The cave was a bit far from the center of town, but the excursion was well worth it. The visit to the cave lasted about 45 minutes, but the walk was very short because we had a great time. Can you believe that we were inside a cave that was more than 450,000 years old? We were amazed!

When we left the tour, we got in the car and went back to the center of Nerja. We were a bit tired and wanted to go for a drink to get our strength back, so we went to buy an ice cream and had it on the beach. I loved feeling the sea breeze and enjoying such a special day with my friends.

After spending a great day it was time to go back home, but don’t worry because we already have another excursion planned, I will tell you more about it later! I love studying Spanish in Malaga

See you next time!




*Nerja is a town that is very close to Malaga.

* Hej! Is how you say hello in Swedish