DELE Exam Preparation Course

With a pass rate of over 90%, our DELE Exam Preparation Course will give you the best preparation possible for all aspects of the exam!

The DELE is an official Spanish diploma that is internationally recognised in any country from Spain to Argentina. The DELE Diploma is issued by the prestigious Cervantes Institute and is a life-time certificate of Spanish. The DELE is very useful and highly sought after in both academic and professional environments. Passing the DELE exam, therefore, is a big advantage. If you want to certify your Spanish level, prepare for your exam with AIL Malaga.

The DELE exam can be taken in six levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages from A1 (beginners) to C2 (proficiency)

The exam consists of 5 different language skills that you need to master in order to get the DELE Diploma:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Listening comprehension
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Oral expression

Before enrolling on the DELE exam, we suggest you do a level test with our DELE expert teacher, that will help you choose the right level for you to optimise your chances of success.

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DELE exam preparation course summary

Exam dates 2021

9th July: A2, B1, B2, C1
10th September: A2
8th October: A2, B1, B2
12th/13th November: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Start Dates

Every Monday

Classes per week

20 intensive classes about the DELE exam (45 minutes per class) + 5 private classes

Available levels

We prepare the most popular levels for the DELE Exam: A1, A2, B1, B2 y C1

Group size

maximum of 8 students

Average of 4, maximum of 8 students per class

Fun activities!


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DELE exam preparation course | Objectives

The DELE Exam preparation course is the perfect course to maximise your possibilities of passing the exam. In the general Spanish classes you will learn the vocabulary and the skills needed for the DELE exam whilst in the classes focused on DELE preparation you will do mock exams and learn techniques to excel in each of the exams.

Our teaching methods, tailor-made for each student and aimed at developing all communicative skills, make the process of learning Spanish with a focus on passing the DELE exam fun and fascinating. The DELE preparation course is a perfect combination of general Spanish classes and specific exam classes needed to obtain the DELE Spanish Diploma.

DELE Preparation course
DELE Exam preparation in Malaga

Benefits of obtaining the DELE exam

The DELE certificates are the only officially accredited qualifications issued by Spain’s Ministry for Education that are administered internationally. The certificates are recognised internationally by all types of companies and by public or private educational systems. They are mainly used for educational and professional contexts.

Thus, the DELE certificate provides many benefits:

• It is highly regarded by universities and recruiters.
• It is a valuable benefit to your gap year experience.
• It is necessary for many university courses.

The DELE is an asset in the job market and for accessing educational institutions, not only in Spain but also in more than 90 countries where the tests are administered.

Structure of the Exam


The candidate has to:
• Answer 9 multiple choice questions on 3 different texts. There are 4 tasks with 9 multiple choice questions about texts.
• Link a series of fragmented sentences.


The candidate will complete 4 tasks based on four recordings, 25 questions with multiple choice. The 4 tasks given are based on general ideas and simple sentences.


The candidate has to do two writing tasks, one consisting of 30 words.


4 Tasks:
• Oral introduction of the candidate
• Development of a theme
• Conversation with the examiner
• Conversation based on graphic materials


The examinee has to:
• Understand texts with simple sentences like rules, instructions or restaurant menus and obtain the key information.
• Correctly answer a multiple choice questionnaire based on short texts.
• Recognise nouns, words or sentences and understand the meaning of easy instructions.


The candidate will have 5 tasks and try to get general ideas from statements, radio posts or phone conversations.


The candidate has to :
• Complete a form with personal information
• Write a letter about his/her family and personal aspects
• Write a descriptive text based on the information given


The candidate must do a :
• Monologue (3-4 min.): the candidate must be able to talk about basic information.
• Description of a photograph given
• Simulation – dialogue with the examiner about the photograph
• Simulation about a characteristic of day-to-day life


The candidate will :
• Answer questions based on different texts. The questions are multiple choice.
• Answer questions by obtaining information from a text.


The candidate has to do 4 exercises based on simple dialogue and/or recorded information.


The candidate must write two texts: the first could be a letter or a forum message, an email, or a blog entry. The second one could be a journal entry, a biography and it could include descriptions or narrations, presentation of information and personal opinions.


The candidate must be able to have a conversation with the examiner. Graphic materials can be used to help the candidate start the conversation.


The candidate has to answer 12 multiple choice questions on 4 texts.


The candidate will answer 12 multiple choice questions based on 4 recorded texts such as advertisings, news, conversations or interviews.


The candidate must write two texts. The first will be a letter. The second will be an opinion article for a newspaper, a blog or a magazine.


The candidate has to create a monologue about several possible ways to solve a situation. The DELE candidate could choose between different options to prepare for the argument.


The candidate should:
• Understand the general idea and specific information in a public and professional situation, then correctly answer a multiple choice questionnaire
• Reconstruct the structure and identify the relations between ideas in order to complete paragraphs.
• Identify the content and intention or point of view in news articles and reports about professional and academic topics, then correctly answer a multiple choice questionnaire
• Identify relevant information in short texts , which report facts about academic issues and link the given texts with short sentences
• Identify the structure and the adequate vocabulary in a text with complex linguistic expressions


The candidate has to:
• Be able to understand the main information and extract specific data from a text. They must identify the person who is talking, and determine his/her attitude/feelings/intentions
• Complete a text with complex sentences and/or words and answer a multiple choice questionnaire


• Listen to a recording and then summarise it by writing an article (220-250 words). The candidate has to highlight the main ideas of the recording.
• Write a text of 220-250 words, trasmitting their thoughts clearly.


The candidate will create a monologue based on a short text, discuss and debate about the opinion that they have expressed before, and have a conversation based on graphic materials with the jury.

Reading and use of language

The candidate will:
• Answer a multiple choice questionnaire consisting of 9 questions on 3 different texts (maximum 800 words)
• Link 10 sections of sentences
• Answer 16 multiple choice questions on 4 recorded texts. The records will be discussions between several people, or news transmitted through media channels.

Listening and writing

The candidate will write:
• a letter talking about a subject that is not private (text between 150 and 200 words).
• a composition (text between 150 and 200 words).

Reading and Speaking

The candidate has to create a brief structured monologue and talk about several possible ways to solve a problem. They will have the choice between different options proposed to help they to prepare the argument.

Price of the DELE Exam preparation course

DELE Exam Preparation Course

295per week
  • 20 DELE classes + 5 private classes

30€ enrollment fee

Teacher’s opinion:

“The DELE preparation course is very intensive with a fantastic reward…your DELE Diploma! In the DELE preparation course we will endeavour to study as much as possible so things go smoothly in the exam. Join us now – don´t let the DELE exam make you sweat more than the Malaga sun!”

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