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Hi, my name is Alejandro and I am passionate about languages and teaching them/in general. Having accumulated many years of experience in the education sector, in Spain as well as internationally, I see myself as someone proactive, committed, hardworking, open-minded and dynamic.

After having obtained a Translation and Interpretation degree, I continued to follow my passion for languages. This led me to obtain a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and a Master’s degree in institutional translation in English. As you can see, I was not exaggerating when I said that languages and teaching are/were my passions.

Besides languages, I enjoy travelling around the world and getting to know different cultures, places and people from different parts of the world.


Hi, my name is Maria and I am an outgoing and communicative person, so my classes tend to be fun and interactive.

I have always been passionate about the Spanish language, its origins, its variants and everything related with this language. This was my main motivation to obtain a degree in Hispanic Philology, which immersed me even more in the wonderful world of Spanish.

Now I dedicate myself to teaching and helping as many students as possible to make them know/discover this amazing language that I love so much.

Carmen Cristina

Hi everyone! I am Carmen and I have always been passionate about teaching! My career as a teacher did not start as a Spanish teacher but as a music one.

I graduated in Elementary Music Education and in Professional Music Education here in Malaga, but with time, I finally discovered that I was fascinated by languages/languages fascinated me.

This led me to graduate in „English Studies“ at the University of Malaga. I was absorbed with the world of languages, so that my next step was to take a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Soon after that, I started working at AIL Malaga, a place where I can combine my 2 passions: teaching and the languages.


My name is Noemi, I was born in Canarias but I have lived in Malaga since I was 6 months old so I feel 100% “boquerona”. Ever since I was little I  have wanted to be a Spanish teacher because I really like to communicate with people and I enjoy giving Spanish classes. For me, the most important thing when you’re a teacher is knowing the language well and teaching it in a fun and practical way.

I like teaching all the skills, but if I had to choose my favourite, I would say grammar, because it’s a challenge for me to teach it in a simple and attractive way for the students.

like working at AIL Malaga because of the great atmosphere and spirit of the school. During the classes, I get to know my students and adapt the class to their needs. During my free time I like going to the beach, drawing and going out with my friends to enjoy the weather and the food of Malaga.

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My name is Chris and I’m the director and founder of AIL Málaga. I am from a small town near Manchester, but after more than 20 years in Spain, I feel more Spaniard than most. When I am not busy making sure that everything in the school is up to a top quality standard, my hobbies are relaxing with my family (I have a teenage daughter and a toddler son), eating Indian food, playing poker and running marathons. If you see me in the corridors please do introduce yourself, I would love to hear your story.


Hello, my name is Andrea and I am the Academic Director of AIL Malaga. Although I am from Alicante, I consider Malaga as my second home.

I love teaching because it gives you the opportunity to travel and learn other languages, and for me, working with people who share my passion is amazing. I also love Spanish.

This passion for Spanish led me to obtain my degree in Hispanic Philology, and then, having discovered a love for teaching, I obtained a Master’s degree in teacher training for Secondary School teachers, the Baccalaureate, a Professional Training and language teaching degree, and finally another Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

I have been teaching and teaching this beautiful language to so many students since 2011 and I have been lucky enough to get to know a group of people here in Malaga who share my passions, goals and who have a very good vibe.


Hi everyone, I´m Silvia! A native Madrileña (Madrid) with a heart from Malagueña. In my free time, I travel the world to discover its endless beauty. Malaga is my little piece of paradise to which I always come back with a sincere grin on my face. Here, a sun shines like nowhere else in the world!

I truly love relaxing on sandy beaches decorated by palm trees which reach the sky, taking a refreshing bath in the sealistening to the colourful parrots sing and letting the sun rays heat my body… It is what I missed the most when I was living in London – for 15 years! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience which taught me a lot about cultural wealth and its differences, letting me grow as a person. Immersion in a different culture and language made me a confident person, being able to speak English fluently with many new friends from all over the world.

After 10 years of work in various language schools, as an experienced worker I decided to join the AIL Malaga family. This school is very different from any I have ever seen in my life. The team is so close to students and is here to help them any time they need, and so am I. Together we create an environment which is student friendly and is a second home for us.

In the evenings I rediscover my passion of cooking using traditional Spanish cookbooks and exploring hidden, charming paths of Malaga on my electric scooter. Let´s have fun!