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Learn spanish in malaga

Intensive Spanish course + Private classes (20+5)

The Combined Spanish classes in Malaga (20+5) is the ideal course for those students who wish to learn Spanish quickly. You will have the opportunity to further develop the topics or areas you wish to and with a personal touch in Malaga. With a combination of Intensive Spanish classes and one-to-one classes, this course will help you revise and deepen your knowledge. Learn Spanish the intensive way!

From the very first class you will be able to put into practice the material taught and once you have finished your Spanish classes you will have improved all the skills of the Spanish language: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Enrolling on the combined Spanish classes also gives you the opportunity to sign up for our fun activities in the afternoon where you will meet lots of other students. The activities will allow you to practice the Spanish learnt during your classes. Visit beautiful places, discover the historic and charming sides of Malaga and make lots of friends.

Come and have a wonderful experience!

Spanish combined classes summary


Monday to Friday
Morning or Afternoon 

Available levels


From beginners to advanced students

Starting date

Every Monday

Classes per week

20 intensive Spanish classes (45 minutes per class) and 5 private classes (60 minutes per class)

Classes per week: 20 group classes and 5 private classes “one-to-one”

Group size

Maximum of 8 students

Intensive group classes: average of 4 maximum of 8 students // private classes: 1 student


From 18 years old

Course material

1 book included

Textbooks complemented by audio/visual materials, handouts, the school’s own materials, and the internet.

Fun activities

Make the most of your time with AIL Malaga and let us show you some of the best of what the city has to offer! Monday- Friday (usually) from 5:10-6:50pm!

Certificate: Each student receives an attendance certificate upon finishing the course

I want to book combined Spanish classes

This course is for you if…

  • You wish to learn Spanish over a longer time period, at a fast pace (25 classes a week in total), and see incredible results that will last a lifetime
  • You would like to learn in a small group environment and receive personal attention in one-to-one sessions
  • You would like flexibility with your start date and course duration
  • You are 18 or over, with any level in Spanish
Combined Spanish course

The Teacher’s opinion:

“The Combined Spanish classes 20+5 are ideal to learn Spanish in a personalised and quick way. On the first day of class we will have a chat for me to learn about your interests and to adapt the course so that it suits you perfectly. If you want, I could also tell you about my favourite bars and beaches  ;-)”

Prices of the Combined Spanish Classes

1 week

  • Per week

2 weeks

  • €290 per week

3 weeks

  • €290 per week

4 weeks

  • €245 per week

Price excludes enrolment fee (50€)

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