Protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances! Cancellation Insurance is available for 5% of the total sum of the full program invoice, provides coverage for the cost of your course and accommodation, and is valid from the date of purchase until the end of your course. The insurance fee must be paid in full at the time of reservation and does not cover the enrollment fee, services already used at the time of cancellation, the cost of the insurance itself, or your travel costs.


Your cancellation insurance is personal, non-transferable, and can easily be applied to save you from stress in these situations: work, examination, proven illness by a Spanish doctor of the student following their arrival in Spain or proven illness in their home country prior to their arrival, pregnancy, or obligatory military service. Cancellation insurance will not take effect if the student has received the invitation letter for study visa application.


Cancellation insurance will give you the security of knowing you will receive a refund within 15 days from date we receive your cancellation documentation, and will be transferred to the student’s account or account of origin (AIL Malaga will not refund this amount to any other person or account).