What are your plans for Andalusia day?

colegio andalucia

In 2020, Andalusia Day is held on Friday! That means a long weekend for everybody! You could spend this time in your own city or use the extra day to explore Andalusia!

What about a road trip? Sevilla is the capital of this region. This is a remarkable place to celebrate Andalucia day.

Do you feel more like partying? Remember it´s also Carnival on 28th of February. Malaga is one of the biggest cities in Andalusia and here we have a ton of festivities going on. On friday the 28th of February we have Gods and Goddess’ Carnival Parade. On the 29th we have another parade, the Parade of the Gods. Also, on the 29th, we have a Battle of the Flowers! Check all the info in this guide! Everything is held on, or close to, Plaza de Constitución!

If you want to explore another Carnival destination, we recommend you Carnival of Cadiz . It´s only a few hours from Malaga, and in a beautyful ancient city in Andalucia.

We are sure you will enjoy this weekend but remember to plan. A lot of places will have adjusted openings hours for that day. But sure, this won´t stop you to enjoy it! ¡Qué disfrutéis! 🙂

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