The ”Festivo”

dia de andalucia Banks, schools and shops are usually closed on Andalusia day. Some restaurants and bars are open so you can taste typic Andalusian food during this ”festivo”!

If the 28th of February falls on a Sunday, authorities move the ‘’festivo’’ to a different day, usually to Monday, to make sure that we don’t lose any special event 😉 This happens with every ”festivo” in Andalusia.

During ¨Día de Andalucía¨, people usually go out with family and close friends. Many organize parties with traditional Andalucian food:  flamenquín, tortillitas de camarones, pestiños de miel y muchos más! During this day, you will see a lot of Andalucian flags hanging from the balconies. Also you migh withnis people singin the regional anthem in the streets of city centers.