”Andalusía por sí, para España y la humanidad”

andalusian flag

During this important day, you will notice many flags in the cities of Andalusia. The people in Andalusia are proud of their region. The colors of the flag are green and white. Together, they represent the idea of purity, peace, and hope for the future, as the anthem of Andalucia says:

”La bandera blanca y verde

vuelve tras siglos de guerra

a sembrar paz y esperanza

bajo el sol de nuestra tierra”

You can find the flag with the ‘’escudo’’ in the middle. Sometimes even more simple, without it. The ‘’escudo of Andalucía’’ is an image of Hercules between two columns, that represent the entrance of the Street of Gibraltar. There is also a sentence under the columns: ‘’Andalusía por sí, para España y la humanidad’’. And another one on the top: ‘’Dominator Hércules Fundator’’.

But did you know that each province has a special flag? You are probably not going to see those during Andalusia day, as people are celebrating the whole region of Andalusia! If you are interested to get to know them, check out our Andalusian Flags Quiz! 😉