Andalucian Food – Quiz

//Andalucian Food – Quiz

Andalucian Food – Quiz

You have chosen a malagueña restaurant with a beautiful sea view, sitting there with your friends, enjoying cold “cerveza” (a beer) and having a great time. Suddenly the waiter is coming, you are looking down on the menu and…

Down here we have prepared a menu with typical andalucian meals for you! Do you recognize some of them? Try to name each of the dishes and check if you are ready to order your favorite Spanish food! 😉

If you are not sure how to order a food in Spanish, later read our article “¡Vamos a comer! Spanish Restaurant Vocabulary” which help you a lot!

And now. . . “QUIZ” is on the table ¡Buen provecho!

Fill in this details to see the results in your email and you will receive FREE SPANISH LESSONS IN YOUR INBOX. Good luck and merry xmas! 😀

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