Hello! As you probably already know-from the title of the blog-my trip to Malaga is coming to an end. It’s been a year since I arrived in this beautiful city of Spain to live a unique experience, to get out of the cold of my city and also, to fulfill my challenge of learning a new language.

I came with two clear goals, one was to get as tanned as Julio Iglesias* and the other was to learn Spanish. The first one I didn’t achieve and my second goal was much easier to achieve because I signed up for an intensive Spanish course in Malaga.

As you can see from my reference to Julio Iglesias, I have soaked up Spanish traditions and culture like no one else. I have lived an incredible linguistic immersion and I know that I will return to Stockholm with many friends and above all with the calm and peace that this experience has given me.

gente en la playaIn Malaga, the pace of life is slower than in my city. People go for a walk in the morning to the beach, have breakfast on a terrace and then do their daily chores. As the weather is nice most days, you can find people sunbathing on the beach or strolling through one of the beautiful parks even in winter.

I must confess that in winter I missed seeing my house snowed in and watching my dogs play in the snow. Leaving that homesickness that every Swede has because of the cold, I have discovered that I love the concept of Slow live and that the sea relaxes me a lot.

Besides the sea, the people and the language, one of the things I like most about Malaga is that there are so many things to do. So, now that I have only a few weeks left in the city I’m making the most of it to meet with my people and, as you are also part of my friends in Malaga, I’ll take this opportunity to leave you some recommendations of my favorites here.

  1. Strolling through the Alameda Park: it is my favorite park in Andalusia – you know I have traveled a lot around the region – but without a doubt, I will definitely choose this one. This park has lots of vegetation and is full of flowers and plants that coexist with beautiful monuments. Here I have taken some beautiful pictures, whenever I put them on my Whatsapp profile my friends tell me how beautiful I look.

casa mira heladería

2. Eat ice cream at Casa Mira: it’s been in Calle Nueva since 1890! Sounds amazing, right? Well, I’ve had the best ice cream in the world there. I love the “mantecao” ice cream, a typical Spanish flavor made with egg yolk and sugar. It’s delicious!

3. Visit the Atarazanas Market: without a doubt, it is my favorite place to buy typical food of the city. From buying olives aloreñas* for an appetizer to tortas locas to enjoy for dessert with a coffee or an infusion, you know I love eating Spanish food!

trajes tradicionales en la feria4. Buy the traditional costumes at Viva la Feria: here you can buy the typical Malagueña or Malagueño costumes or take them as a gift for your friends or loved ones.

5. Visit the tablao flamenco Los Amayas: one of the best places to see flamenco dancing in Andalusia.  You can buy tickets at the hotel reception and sit down to enjoy a unique show in Spain.

As you have probably noticed, I know the best plans in town. That’s why, if you ever come to do an intensive Spanish course or visit Malaga, I would love for you to follow my advice!

See you in the next blog (don’t worry I’m not going back to Sweden without telling you how my last weeks in Malaga are going to be). 😉

See you next time!


*Julio Iglesias: he is one of the most famous Spanish singers and known for always being super tan.

*aloreñas: traditional olives from Málaga, known for being very bitter.