Hi! As I promised you in the previous blog post, I have asked Maria- you know she is the teacher of my intensive Spanish course in Malaga- to help me edit this new blog post so I can write more frequently before I go back to my country.

You know very well that I am a very energetic person and that I always have something on my mind. That is why I have taken advantage of my time in Málaga to re-do some of my favorite plans. Psst… if you want to know all of my best plans and things to do here, check out my latest blog post—I’ve hidden them all there!

party on the beachYou know that since I’ve been in Malaga I’ve met many friends and that’s why I wanted to make a farewell party in style.  I had thought about having a party on the beach: I had looked on Instagram for party and event decoration companies, I had lots of ideas and it was going to be spectacular! However, my going away party went much better than what I had planned in my mind. Don’t worry, if it sounds like I’m hyping up my party too much, I promise it’s worth it. 😜

All of this happened just last week. I was just talking to some of my colleagues from AIL Malaga to ask them about their availability for the second week of August. Although I’m leaving at the end of the month, I didn’t want to leave my party to the last minute. So, I had the idea of doing just a bit earlier than my real farewell. However, things took a totally unexpected turn…

Alright, alright, I’ll finally tell you how it all happened. Last weekend, I met Macarena to go for a walk on the beach and have dinner together. However, when we got home, all my friends showed up with a huge banner that said “Have a nice trip back”.

surprise partyI didn’t see the surprise coming at all! And honestly, you can’t even imagine the party they threw: no one was missing! All my Spanish classmates, neighbors, and many other friends I’ve been telling you about since I’ve been in the city showed up to bid me farewell.

Obviously in my classic style, there was Spanish music and many classic bands from the 70’s. We danced until very late (or early, depending on how you look at it 😉) and had a great time. Even better, a good friend of Macarena’s was there who used to dance flamenco in her childhood. She knows I love flamenco and took advantage of my farewell party to give us some quick classes.

Her best tips for flamenco came from this phrase: the basic flamenco step consists of taking the apple, biting it, and throwing it. It sounds a little odd but honestly, she was so right.

After the flamenco lessons, Paco brought his legendary Karaoke machine and we couldn’t have had a better time all together.

tortillitas de camaronesEvery self-respecting Spanish party has to have good food. Since we are very modern, we decided to order some of my favorite Andalusian dishes from Globo. From espeto to my beloved tortillitas de camarones, nothing was missing!

My friends took care of every last detail and even included my daughters in the party. We connected with them via FaceTime and they even greeted everyone in Spanish. You can’t imagine how exciting it was to share -even virtually- my experience with my daughters and show them all the things I am doing here.

I hope you liked the story of my goodbye party. The truth is that I feel very fortunate to have met such amazing people and to have lived so many experiences while studying at my Spanish school.

In two weeks, I sadly go back to Stockholm and leave this beautiful city behind, but before that, I will write a post to say goodbye officially. You will not be able to get rid of me that easily!

See you next time!

Agnetha ❤