The Instituto Cervantes is the key quality control organization for Spanish language teaching. All accredited schools have to pass a rigorous quality control inspection which demands:

  • A comfortable learning environment which complies with all the relevant legal requirements
  • Effective and updated teaching resources
  • Qualified, experienced teachers
  • A strong, coherent study curriculum
  • Class sizes that facilitate student participation and progress
  • Truthful, transparent marketing materials and pricing that reflect the reality of the student experience

FEDELE (the Federation of Spanish Language Schools) is the national organisation of Spanish language schools.

All FEDELE schools must have accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes, and undergo periodic inspections to demonstrate ongoing quality.

AEEA, the Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners in Andalusia, represents accredited Private Spanish Schools for Foreigners offering a wide range of Spanish Courses in the most attractive locations in Andalusia.

It carries out professional and pedagogical inspections to guarantee the highest standards in language teaching.

NACEM is the Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners in Malaga, focused on optimising the student’s experience outside the classroom through a wide range of leisure, academic, cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities.

The best way to learn a language is to combine all these methods and have complete Spanish cultural immersion, resulting in a dynamic and natural learning experience for the student.

Extenda is the public company of the Regional Government of Andalusia that promotes the internationalisation of Andalusian companies and the attraction of foreign investment, following as a guideline for its activity the Strategy for the Internationalisation of the Andalusian Economy 2021-2027, a planning instrument coordinated by the General Secretariat for External Action, European Union and Cooperation.
The Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española (SIELE) (Spanish Language International Testing Service), certifies electronically the command of the Spanish language proficiency for students and professionals all around the world. SIELE certificate is recognized by leader international organizations related to the education and language world.

Málaga ciudad genial, is one of the most popular tourism and city of Málaga promotion organisations on the web. Through its website, it shows the tourist activities of the capital of the Costa del Sol and manages to reach all types of audiences both nationally and internationally. Malaga is a family destination where the good weather and the closeness of its people make it a perfect place to become a favourite destination at any time of the year.

This important Norwegian organisation supports students in obtaining funds to enable them to study abroad. These grants cover different levels: they can cover the student’s living expenses in the chosen country, as well as their tuition and travel expenses. Thanks to Lanekassen‘s accreditation, every year we receive several Norwegian students who wish to learn Spanish as a foreign language and immerse themselves in Spanish culture.

Bildungsurlaub is an accreditation of the level of training issued by the German federal states. Employees working in Germany are entitled to one or two weeks of paid training leave at a school accredited by Bildungsurlaub. This is part of their annual training allowance and does not use up holiday days.

Bildungsurlaub accredited schools must provide high quality courses and accommodation. AIL Madrid is accredited by the following German federal states: Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein. Our programmes are available for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt on request.

The (CCSE) exam (constitutional and cultural knowledge of Spain), organized by the Cervantes Institute, assesses constitutional and cultural knowledge of Spain. One of the requirements for those who want to obtain Spanish nationality.
CCSE centers have a great responsibility and are a part of exclusive community of centers that do their best to satisfy their clients.

FEDELE (Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners) awards this accreditation to those schools that promote the preservation of the environment, ecology and the protection of human rights and their workers. In order to obtain this seal, the schools have had to present a sustainability plan of their own elaboration where they indicate their short and long term proposals to be socially responsible.

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